The Season of Go

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Article by Brian Tien
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Here we go! The final week of the Season of Alola is here, and with its completion it's time to get ready for what's next. So what does Pokemon Go have in store for the summer? The Season of Go! This season has a number of nice features and updates, and... not much else by way of information. So let's get into it!

The Season of Go

Season Start Season End
June 1, 2022 September 1, 2022

Changes to XL Candy

Starting with the Season of Go and apparently moving forward, the level threshold to earn XL Candy will be lowered from 40 to 31, making the system far more inclusive for the majority of players.

Seasonal Bonuses

  • Friendship Bonus increased for Raid damage
  • Lure Module duration increased to 1 hour
  • +1 Special Trade per Day
  • +1 Candy from Trading Pokemon
  • Guaranteed XL Candy from Trades for players Lv.31 and over
  • Pokestops will be guaranteed to drop Gifts when spun
  • Remote raid damage will be increased 

Community Days

While we don't have any hard information, we do know the dates of all three prime Community Days for the Season of Go:

  • Saturday, June 25
  • Sunday, July 17
  • Saturday, August 13

And That's It

Yeah, this one is a bit sparce. Still, this is the season that will focus on Go Fest, so we have a lot yet to be revealed. We've probably got a lot ahead, so we'll drop updates as Niantic announces them!

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