Move Category
Charge Move
Move Type

PvE Charge Move Info

Base Power
Damage Per Second
Charge Energy
Damage Window
1.70 seconds
Move Cooldown
2.80 seconds
Damage per Energy1.60

PvP Charge Move Info

Base Power 80
Charge Energy -45
Damage Per Energy 1.78

Move Description

PvE Changes

  • Power was increased from 40 to 50 in late July 2016
  • Power was increased from 50 to 80, energy cost increased from 33 to 50, and duration/damage windows were reduced in February 2017

PvP Changes

  • Energy cost was reduced from 55 to 45 in May 2020

Pokemon with Charge Move

Pokemon with Elite Charge Move

Pokemon Attack
Mega Mega Beedrill 303
Seaking Seaking 175
Beedrill Beedrill 169
ShadowBeedrill Shadow Beedrill 169