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It's become no secret that Niantic has started reaching out to the community in earnest semi-recently, and that in-person interaction has returned to the absolute forefront of their goals. Now they're planning to take their next big step towards these goals, as they have officially announced the Ambassador Program, which is intended to allow Niantic to connect with the community at large to a greater degree than ever before. So what does this mean for us, the players? Let's break it down a bit.

The Community Ambassador Program

So what exactly is a Community Ambassador? 

A Community Ambassador is an individual that will have direct contact with players with the goal of "empowering their experiences". Currently, this is defined by the ability to distribute item codes for local giveaways and contact with official Niantic representatives for the sake of offering player-feedback. Ambassadors will setup and run local events at the behest of Niantic, and can expect to be compensated with in-game items and "swag" to show their Pokemon Go spirit.

What Does This Mean for Pokemon Go?

Niantic has long been notoriously disconnected from their user-base, so literally any attempt to bridge this gap to a larger degree is definitely a step in the right direction. This not only gives the player-base a way to know that their comments and concerns are being heard instead of just thrown to the back of a random e-mail address or given a copy-pasted answer from their chat, it also allows Niantic to put their fingers onto the pulse of the actual community. We here at Gamepress have always focused on the more competitive side of Pokemon Go, but the ability to reach out to countless communities across the globe should reveal just how important concepts like this are to the player-base on average.

Will all of the information garnered from these activities make everyone happy? No, but that's fine. An actual view of the diversity and focus of Pokemon Go's playerbase is potentially extremely valuable to Niantic, and can hopefully be used to shape the future of this game that we love.

So How do I Apply?

Interested in joining? We definitely encourage you to, but we have a very interesting caveat here! Apparently, the primary criteria for becoming a Community Ambassador will be activity within the one and only Silph RoadPlayers will need to be Rank 4 or higher as the base requirement to be able to apply, but that alone is not the only requirement. 

If you want to give this a shot, take a look at The Official Page covering the requirements of this position


We know that Niantic is beginning to return their focus to their original success in Pokemon Go, and maybe this is the first step towards a brighter tomorrow. If they can piece together a genuinely good set of players to join them moving forward, then the future may be bright. 

So, who here is planning on applying for this new position within Niantic's ranks? Getting in on the ground floor could have some strong implications, and I've no doubt in my mind that at least some of our own Gamepress readers are more than qualified for this position.

Best of luck to all of our applicants, let us know how it goes!

Full Announcement

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Hey Trainers,

I’m Kelsey (they/them), a lifelong Pokémon fan who now gets to work on my favorite thing: helping communities connect and play together. Today I'm excited to share a new way you can support your local Pokémon GO community. We’re introducing the Community Ambassador Program—a way for trusted organizers running in-person events to apply for perks that will benefit their communities.

I know firsthand how important local community leaders are and how much of their impact is born from passion and hard work. One of the first things I wanted to do when I joined Niantic was find a way to recognize, uplift, and support what our community leaders do for their local Trainers. In conjunction with our sponsored partners at the Silph Road, I’m excited to introduce you to the Community Ambassador Program.

This program will start taking applications from eligible communities in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand on July 28, 2022.

Read on to learn more about the program, how to apply, and what you can expect to earn for your community!

What is the Community Ambassador Program?

The Community Ambassador Program supports local, in-person Pokemon GO communities around the globe by empowering their experiences. Community Ambassadors can receive special perks for their communities, like item codes for giveaways, access to Niantic representatives for special feedback sessions, and other opportunities to support their community’s growth.

Individuals who run in-person events in their area, grow their communities, and create and connect safe spaces for Trainers to play can apply to become one of Niantic’s Community Ambassadors.


What does a Community Ambassador do?

A Community Ambassador is someone who voluntarily runs events in their local community with the gratitude and assistance of Niantic. Niantic recognizes how much passion and hard work it takes to bring people together, and this program is built to help leaders do just that.

What does Niantic look for in a Community Ambassador?

  • Diversity. Pokémon GO Trainers include people of many nationalities, identities, and ethnicities. We want to ensure that our Community Ambassadors do, too.

  • Professionalism and quality of character. Being a Community Ambassador means that you’ve been recognized by Niantic. Our Community Ambassadors should always treat others with respect, honesty, and kindness.

  • Positivity. We know that communities grow in the image of their leadership, and the best communities are built by creating and highlighting the positive instead of focusing on the negative. Opportunities for critical feedback should be treated with respect—never with cruelty or anger.

  • Safety. Community Ambassadors should strive to ensure that both their communities and the spaces they play in are secure. All communities are required to have digital presences that are family-friendly, publicly open to members over 13 years of age, and include common sense rules that facilitate safe spaces and practices. When gathering to play, Community Ambassadors should ensure that the areas they choose are safe for trainers and avoid unsafe environments

  • Integrity. Communities should avoid cheating in all forms. That includes discussing cheating or using bots, websites, or other tools that encourage cheating. Community Ambassadors should always do their best to ensure that their communities remain cheat-free.


What does a community receive for being part of the Community Ambassador Program?

Community Ambassadors who register and run events through our program will receive special incentives like item codes and swag to share with their communities for Community Days and other events.

Community Ambassadors will also be able to provide feedback directly to Niantic. They will have access to one-on-one opportunities to learn more about us—and for us to learn about you!

As we continue to grow and develop the program, we may extend additional opportunities and benefits to help you foster a healthy and safe community for others to play in.

How do I become a Community Ambassador?

Niantic uses the Silph Road’s level and ranking system to track in-person community activity. Community leaders who have reached Rank 4 on the Silph Road’s community pages are eligible to apply to become a Niantic Community Ambassador. Applicants are then vetted for adherence to our guidelines. You can read more about the Silph Road’s community pages and how to rank up here.

You can learn more about the vetting process and how to apply —as well as our expectations for Community Ambassadors and the spaces they create—here.


Building Up Your Communities, Together

We’re excited and hopeful that this program will help you build your local communities. We want to help new Trainers and veterans alike find new groups to play with and explore the world of Pokémon GO together. We’ll continue to update this program as it grows, and we look forward to sharing more in the coming months.

Please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO. Upcoming events are subject to change. Be sure to follow us on social media, opt in to receiving push notifications, and subscribe to our emails to stay updated. 

-Kelsey, Pokémon GO Lead Community Manager

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