Main Series Connectivity: Pokemon Home

Transfer Requirements

  • A smart phone with internet connectivity
  • A Pokemon Go account
  • A Pokemon Home account
  • Available energy for the GO Transporter

Warning: Transferring a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to any Main Series game is a one-way ticket. These Pokemon cannot be transferred back, and other Pokemon cannot be transferred from a Main Series game to Pokemon Go

The Details

  • Transferring a Pokemon from Go can be an easy way to obtain a dex filler and/or breeding stock for your Main Series game
  • Transferring a Pokemon to Pokemon Home gives a candy of that species, just like normal transferring
  • Pokemon transferred to the main series have a randomized nature, IVs based on the Pokemon's IVs in Pokemon Go where applicable, and a normal ability
  • Transferring a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home will activate the Meltan Box, allowing players to capture Meltan for a limited period of time when used.

The Energy Cost

Transporting Pokemon from Go to Home takes energy from the GO Transporter. When this energy is depleted, it is no longer possible to transfer Pokemon for a time, and energy will automatically recharge at a rate of roughly 60 per hour. It is also possible to spend Pokecoins to speed this up. The GO Transporter has a maximum of 10,000 Energy when fully charged. This means that it takes about one week to fully recharge the Go Transporter.

Transfer Energy Cost
Pokemon Details Energy Cost
Normal Pokemon: CP 10-1,000 10
Normal Pokemon: CP 1,001-2,000 110
Normal Pokemon: CP 2,001+ 310
Normal Pokemon: Shiny 2,000
Legendary Pokemon: CP 10-1,000 1,000
Legendary Pokemon: CP 1,001-2,000 1,300
Legendary Pokemon: CP 2,001+ 1,500
Legendary Pokemon: Shiny 10,000
Mythical Pokemon: CP 10-1,000 2,000
Mythical Pokemon: CP 1,001-2,000 2,500
Mythical Pokemon: CP 2,001+ 2,700
Mythical Pokemon: Shiny 10,000

How to Transfer

Step 1: Access the GO Transporter

The GO Transporter can be accessed via the Settings option of Pokemon Go. Scroll down until you see "Pokemon Home" and tap on it. After starting up, you will be asked to connect to Pokemon Home via your connected Nintendo account information.

Step 2: Transfer Your Pokemon

Once accessed, it's time to pick which Pokemon will be transferred to Pokemon Home from Pokemon Go. Reminder: this is a one-way trip! Doing so is as simple as transferring a Pokemon from your Pokemon box.

Step 3: Pick Up Your Pokemon in Home

Once your Pokemon is transferred, it will be available to be picked up in Pokemon Home. Simply access the application via your smart phone or Nintendo Switch app and finish the transfer. From here, your Pokemon can easily be moved to any main series game on your Nintendo Switch that it's eligible for!