Jumpluff PvP IV Deep-Dive

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Hoppip Community Day is happening this Saturday, February 12th 2022, from 11am to 5pm local time. Any Jumpluff evolved, up to 7pm local time, will know the Community Day exclusive Charge Move, Acrobatics (110 Damage, 60 Energy). While it may be difficult for Acrobatics Jumpluff to stand out in the Walrein meta, Acrobatics does put Jumpluff more on the level of its regional exclusive rival, Tropius. With the right PvP IVs, Jumpluff may even be able to overcome Walrein, where Tropius just fails. This Jumpluff PvP IV Deep Dive highlights Jumpluff’s most relevant IVs and Breakpoints for Great League PvP in Pokemon GO. 

This guide discusses the hidden true stats of Pokemon in Pokemon GO. In order to see these true stats you need to use an IV checking app (CalcyIV, Pokegenie) or an IV checking website (GOStadium,, or PvPoke itself). To make things simple, the guide also features a PvP IV tables. 

If you’re not familiar with PvP IVs, check out this PvP IVs Simplified video:

Jumpluff PvP IVs

Jumpluff has 2 main flavors for Great League PvP- Cherry and Blue Raspberry high Def/HP (high Stat Product) and slight Atk/high Def (slight Atk weight). In general, if your Jumpluff isn’t in the Top 20 of high Stat Product, its bulk will likely be functionally similar to the slight Atk weight Jumpluff. As a result, this guide focuses on the slight Atk weight Jumpluff, but evolving a Top 20 SP Jumpluff is still recommended. 

When it comes to Jumpluff’s Atk Breakpoints, the following stand out:

  • 96.49, Deoxys Defense Forme 2-2 (Charge Move BP)
  • 95.8-97.6, Sableye 2-2
  • 97.6, Lickitung, 1-1 potential
  • 97.71 (97.46 likely), Galar Stunfisk 2-2, maybe 1-1
  • 97+, Walrein 2-1 (Charge Move BP)

The above Atk Breakpoints suggest that a 97.6 Atk stat could give Jumpluff an edge over its lower Atk weight friends. While the guide highlights the Deoxys Defense Forme and Walrein Charge Move Breakpoints, this situation came up for several other matchups as well, but under less repeatable circumstances. So while the Rank 1 Jumpluff potentiates its own “1 HP wins”, the slight Atk weight Jumpluff potentiates taking “1 HP wins” away from its opponents.  

When it comes to Atk Jumpluff’s bulk, only a couple niche Def Breakpoints stood out. 156.3-156.6 Def appeared the most relevant as it helps avoid Mew’s Shadow Claw Breakpoint, helping Jumpluff maintain that matchup. This same range also potentiates less dire Breakpoints against Azumarill and Bastiodon. It won’t necessarily help flip the Azumarill and Bastiodon matchups, but under uneven circumstances it could tip the fight in your favor. If this Def range doesn’t speak to you, 149.02 Def is a solid bare minimum Def to maintain, potentiating the 2-2 vs a slight Atk weighted Trevenant.

As for HP, the minimum HP (143) of the 136 IV spreads that can reach 97.6+ Atk and 156.3+ Def didn’t appear to harm the majority of Jumpluff’s matchups. That said, higher HP could  matter, so try to evolve the highest SP iteration of Jumpluff that you have from the list. To add, the recommended Def is based mostly on just 1 matchup (Mew). Going for a mix of slight Atk with more balanced Def/HP probably wouldn’t be detrimental in most cases, as long as you maintain above 149.02 Def. 

Jumpluff PvP IV Tables

High Stat Product Jumpluff

Forgoing the Atk weight Jumpluff and building your highest Stat Product Jumpluff likely won’t confer any notable advantages unless you’re within the Top 20 Stat Product of all Jumpluff. Even if your Jumpluff is within the Top 20, you’ll still want to make sure it has at least a 157.31 Def stat, because what would be the sense of building a high Stat Product Jumpluff if it doesn’t have boosted Mew, Azumarill, and Bastiodon Breakpoint consistency over the slight Atk weight ones? This stipulation trims the “Top 20” down to the “Top 12.”

Here is the PvP IV table for the “Top 12” high SP Jumpluff

If you feel this table is too limiting, test your “high bulk” Jumpluff against this simulation on PvPoke. If you can beat the 0/15/10 Vigoroth in the 0-1 shield scenario, then your Jumpluff meets the minimum requirement to truly be considered “high bulk”. If your Jumpluff can do it against the 2/15/12, that’s even better. This isn’t the one matchup high bulk Jumpluff should be aiming for, but merely a test that suggests it has an ideal level of bulk. Not meeting this matchup doesn’t mean the Jumpluff is “bad” but that it likely isn’t that much more bulky than the slight Atk weight Jumpluff.

Shadow Jumpluff PvP IVs

Going over Shadow Jumpluff’s PvP IVs, no notable Atk or Def Breakpoints showed up to highlight. Testing up to the 10/10/15 worth in bulk didn’t reveal any significant bulk related matchups, but if your Shadow Jumpluff can handle this Trevenant matchup on PvPoke, then it’s probably “safe.” One cute Atk weight that stood out was ~98.9 Atk, where Shadow Jumpluff gains Charge Move Breakpoints improving its ability to flip Umbreon matchups. This same Atk weight also stands out against non-Ice Beam Azumarill too. So if you have a Shadow Jumpluff candidate that hits at least 98.9 Atk and can handle the highlighted Trevenant matchup, then that’s probably the Shadow Jumpluff to pick.


While Acrobatics doesn’t give Jumpluff the push it needs to fully replace Tropius, it is a great Charge Move that allows it to better stand out compared to Tropius. Those that can’t obtain a Tropius or find enough trades to get a good IV Tropius may finally get a taste of the Grass/Flying-type experience. Unfortunately, that experience comes at the height of the Walrein Meta. With the right PvP IVs, Jumpluff might not mind the Walrein meta too much. 

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