GO Battle League Team Builds: Ultra League Premier Cup

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Unlike normal Ultra League, Premier Cup bans all Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. This removes many of the normal UL linchpins, leaving Premier looking like a completely different format!

Ultra Premier is a very popular format, with some people saying it’s just as open as Great League! Want to get started but don’t know how? Check out a few of these teams!

Remember: Unless otherwise mentioned, Pokémon need to be run with both Charged Moves. If you haven’t unlocked that, your team won’t be running at full capacity

Budget Teams

Luckily, there are a lot of powerful Pokémon that won’t break the bank here! Lots of starters that need their Community Day moves, though. Make sure to trade for them if you don’t have them yourself!

Venusaur, Swampert, Charizard
  • Venusaur: Vine Whip + Frenzy Plant* and Sludge Bomb
  • Swampert: Mud Shot + Hydro Cannon* and Sludge Wave
  • Charizard: Fire Spin + Blast Burn* and Dragon Claw

Triple starter is one of the simplest and cheapest teams available in the format. While it can fall into the trap of playing out too Rock-Paper-Scissors-y, it’s a pretty strong team, and one worth making if you’re looking for an easy entry point. All 3 of these are really strong in normal Ultra League as well, making them a pretty safe investment!

Dragonite, Magnezone, Venusaur
  • Dragonite: Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw (and Hurricane)
  • Magnezone: Spark + Wild Charge and Mirror Shot
  • Venusaur: Vine Whip + Frenzy Plant* and Sludge Bomb

Dragonite? Budget? Well, kinda. While the second charged move costs 75k dust, you often don’t need it to perform at a totally solid capacity. Add it later if you can, but don’t feel bad if you’re just running DB/DC. Venusaur and Magnezone bodyguard against Togekiss, Dragonite and Venusaur bodyguard against Swampert. Do be careful of Charizard in the back, though, and Escavalier can threaten the team in general.

Charizard, Gyarados, Machamp

Charizard: Fire Spin + Blast Burn* and Dragon Claw

Gyarados: Dragon Breath + Crunch and Aqua Tail* OR Hydro Pump

Machamp: Counter + Cross Chop and Rock Slide

While Gyarados is less powerful as a safe switch in Premier than in normal Ultra due to the prevalence of Ampharos and Magnezone, it’s still got some real power! It prefers Aqua Tail for consistency, though Hydro Pump can work if you don’t have one! Beware Venusaur in the back and Magnezone lead.

Escavalier, Venusaur, Dragonite
  • Escavalier: Counter + Drill Run and Megahorn
  • Venusaur: Vine Whip + Frenzy Plant* and Sludge Bomg
  • Dragonite: Dragon Breath + Dragon Claw (and Hurricane)

Escavalier’s a powerful anti-meta pick. Powerful typing and a really solid moveset allow it to beat common Pokémon like Lapras, Venusaur, and Magnezone. Just keep in mind that Dragonite’s your only Charizard answer here. Be careful around fire!

Advanced Teams

Here you’ll find a few teams that are either more expensive or more difficult to run. Toxicroak and Lapras, for example, need to be maxed or nearly maxed, and Gengar is very difficult to pilot due to its low bulk and reliance on effective baiting.

Shadow Machamp, Snorlax, Gengar
  • Machamp: Counter + Cross Chop and Rock Slide
  • Snorlax: Lick + Body Slam and Superpower
  • Gengar: Shadow Claw + Shadow Punch* and Sludge Bomb

Note that both Shadow and non-Shadow Machamp can work here, though Shadow is somewhat stronger! Machamp and Gengar are very squishy, so don’t worry about letting Snorlax tank hits sometimes! You can see this team in action in RyanSwag’s video here.

Magnezone, Venusaur, Shadow Gallade
  • Magnezone: Spark + Wild Charge and Mirror Shot
  • Venusaur: Vine Whip + Frenzy Plant* and Sludge Bomb
  • Gallade: Confusion + Leaf Blade and Close Combat

Popularized by Jonkus in Season 3, this is one of the strongest teams in ULPC if you can make it. Shadow Gallade is your safe swap, with fantastic coverage against so much of the metagame, and Shadow Close Combat hits like a truck even when resisted. Non-Shadow can work as well, if you don't have one ready!

Lapras, Venusaur, Charizard
  • Lapras: Ice Shard* + Surf and Skull Bash
  • Venusaur: Vine Whip + Frenzy Plant* and Sludge Bomb
  • Charizard: Fire Spin + Blast Burn* and Dragon Claw

Lapras is one of the strongest Pokémon in ULPC. It’s incredibly bulky, even more so than Snorlax, with incredible coverage and really solid matchups! Do note that Lapras prefers Skull Bash over Ice Beam in Premier to help it with the mirror.

Gengar, Tangrowth, Toxicroak
  • Gengar: Shadow Claw + Shadow Punch* and Sludge Bomb OR Shadow Ball
  • Tangrowth: Vine Whip + Power Whip and Rock Slide
  • Toxicroak: Counter + Mud Bomb and Sludge Bomb

Toxicroak, the classic Great League antimeta Pokémon, makes an appearance here in Ultra League. As a Counter user that resists Fighting, it’s got a very solid matchup against things like Machamp, Lapras, and Magnezone. Just keep it far away from anything with Confusion (hi, Gallade). Tangrowth, too, is an interesting one! As a mono-Grass Pokémon, it struggles a lot against Venusaur. However, Rock Slide gives it a meaningful threat against Dragonite and Charizard!

Team Submissions

We’re always looking for new, strong teams to include here! If you’ve got a line you’ve been finding success with, feel free to help us out by leaving it in the comments here. Alternatively, send it to me on Twitter at @TForgery_. Good luck out there in GBL!

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