Azumarill PvP IV Deep-Dive

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Azumarill has been one of the most dominant forces in the Great League ever since PvP began. Between the Bubble nerf and the addition of XL Candy, a lot has changed about Azumarill’s ideal IVs over the years. Given the high Stardust Cost and relative difficulty of getting XL Candy, it may be difficult to build more than 1 XL Azumarill. Therefore, we put together the Azumarill PvP IV Deep Dive to help highlight Azumarill’s superior IV spreads. If you’ve already built an XL Azumarill, this guide will help highlight its advantages and disadvantages.

This guide discusses the hidden true stats of Pokemon in Pokemon GO. In order to see these true stats you need to use an IV checking app (CalcyIV, Pokegenie) or an IV checking website (GOStadium,, or PvPoke itself). To make things simple, the guide also features PvP IV tables. 

If you’re not familiar with PvP IVs, check out this PvP IVs Simplified video:


In general, Azumarill doesn’t have any critical Atk or Def Breakpoints that are worth worrying about. As long as your Azumarill has at least 135.78 Def and roughly 192 HP, it should be functionally equivalent to most other Azumarill. If either stat is lower, ballpark a 1:2 ratio on Def:HP to maintain consistency (ex. 135.78 Def, 192 HP ≈ 134.78 Def, 194 HP). 

Having slightly higher Atk or Def than the Rank 1 Azumarill can confer some advantages. It may be worthwhile to favor Azumarill with at least 92.15 Atk stat to better potentiate Talonflame and Cofagrigus Breakpoints, along with Charge Move Priority for the mirror matchup. The benefits of higher Def only begin to emerge at near-max Def, which is not only improbable to obtain, but a slight Atk weight on the opponent could cause Azumarill to miss the advantage entirely. 

Notable Atk Breakpoints include:

  • 91.7, Talonflame 0-0 & Fast Move farming potential
    • Most Azumarill meet this (of course, the Rank 1 doesn’t)
  • 91.92-93.03, Cofagrigus 2-2 straight Play Rough, 1-1 straight Hydro Pump
    • 91.92 is based on the Rank 1 Cofagrigus
    • 93.03 accounts for most Def weighted Cofagrigus
      • An Atk weight beyond this may not be worth pursuing due to the drop in bulk
    • Check sims on PvPoke for the 0-0, as a drop in bulk could compromise it
  • 92.15-92.96, Lickitung 1-0, 2-1 potential
    • 92.15 based on a Raid IV weight Def Lickitung
    • 92.96 is based on the Rank 1 Lickitung
    • Relatively inconsistent/low priority
  • 92.76+, Skarmory 1-1 with Ice Beam
  • 93.09+, Trevenant 2-1 potential
    • Skarmory and Trevenant may be too unreasonable to pursue, especially given that Trevenant prefers to be Def weighted

Notable Def Breakpoints include:

  • 137.64+, Medicham 1-1 consistency, 1-2 potential (with Play Rough)
  • 137.82+ Drifblim 1-1 potential (with Ice Beam)
  • ~138.04+ Shadow Queen, potential to reach 2nd Ice Beam when getting farmed in the 0-1
    • Atk weighted Shadow Nidoqueen might think you won’t reach it
  • 137.28+ Walrein 1-1 straight EQ
    • Could be lower if Walrein isn’t Atk weighted
    • 135.78 Def is the min for the Rank 1 Walrein

To reiterate, these Atk and Def Breakpoints are useful to be aware of, but aren’t exactly goals. What appears to be most important for Azumarill is maintaining high bulk, with roughly a 1:2 ratio on Def:HP starting from 135.78 Def and 192 HP. Higher Atk is a useful tie-breaker. 

PvP IV Tables

The PvP IV Tables below use the minimum Def and HP that fit the 1:2 ratio. This will create some false positives that break the 135.78 Def and 192 HP 1:2 “rule” (not that the rule is 100% law or anything). The tables are cut off at the Rank 102, the Max Def Azumarill, to try to reduce the number of false positives. If this is confusing, favor IV spreads that hit above 1497 CP and you should be fine.  


A Champion’s Azumarill

To validate Azumarill’s Breakpoints and stat ratios further, we reached out to KiengIV (@PoGOKieng)- The 2022 Indianapolis Champion who brought Azumarill. 

Kieng stated that he didn’t notice any significant Breakpoints or Bulkpoints for his Azumarill options, and just built the best looking one he had. This parallels our dive into Azumarill’s IVs and matchups, in that a subtle shift in Atk, Def, or HP changed very few things in relatively inconsistent ways for the most stat efficient options. 

Comparing Kieng’s Azumarill to the Deep Dive, Kieng’s Azumarill meets the Cofagrigus Breakpoint and has high potential to get Atk Breakpoints on Lickitung, Skarmory, and maybe even Trevenant. While its 133.7 Def is on the low side, its 196 HP keeps it within the aforementioned 1:2 ratio. Rather than merely being a Rank 23, high Stat Product Azumarill, Kieng’s Azumarill is truly an optimized, slight Atk weighted Azumarill. 

We also reached out to ThoTechtical (@ThoTechtical) for his expertise, as he also brought an Azumarill to his Regional Championship and because he does IV specific content occasionally on his YouTube channel. He had a similar impression to our findings and Kieng’s- No specific stat weight really stands out, adding that a Cofagrigus Atk Breakpoint could be impactful.


Between the simulation data and the results of Champions, it’s safe to say that as long as your Azumarill has a high Stat Product, it doesn’t have much to worry about. However, a slight Atk weight is a worthy tie-breaker. It’s nice that such a high value Pokemon doesn’t have too strict of stat goals. Hopefully this guide helps you finally decide on the right Azumarill.

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