5☆ PvE Tier List

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PvE Rare Tier List

This tier list ranks fully awakened, 5-Star Magical Girls based on how well they perform in Story, Challenge, and Event Quests in non-Mirror Match PvE contents. 

PVE Rare Tier List

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Best Girl Tier

Since most memorias can be equipped on everyone and there're a variety of team formations to choose from, your favorite Magical Girl will always have a role to play in your team.

Best Girl

In Magia Record, the best Magical Girl will always be your personal favorite.

The developer f4samurai has said on record that all magical girls featured in MagiReco will eventually unleash their full potential. Since everyone can potentially access their 5☆ Awakening and Doppel form, no particular magical girl should suffer from being terribly underpowered.

Tier 1

Tier 1 Magical Girls will improve almost every teams they join. In the right team formations, they will trivialize most Story and Event Quest content.

Holy Alina

Triple Blast discs and a connect that will inflict a ton of status effects on the enemy. 

Her magia lowers her defenses though, but she's not likely to use magia with her disc set. 

Void element with none of the disadvantages of regular Mitama. 

Strong stats and an improved connect / magia.

Mami Tomoe

Mami Tomoe's unique memoria draws all of her own discs, guaranteeing a Puella combo and a connect on the next turn.

Pair Mami with support Mami or Kanoko to continuously stun-lock enemies.

Better attack stats and healing than her vanilla counterpart.

Her magia still restores MP to self so she can still spam her magia repeatedly.


Triple Blast discs and Light element type make her ideal for doling out plenty of damage and clearing waves quickly. Her connect is great for buffing the Attack and Defense stats of any of her teammates. 

However, her magia puts the Curse debuff on Darc for a turn so be careful when using her magia without having an anti-curse memoria equipped. 

Liz Hawkwood

She has decent defense for an Attack type, and her connect is great for taking down tankier bosses (High chance to Critical Hit & Ignore Defense).


She's versatile enough to be useful in magia teams. Her magia restores MP to herself, making it easy for her to spam magia attacks. 

Alina Gray

Great connect that inflicts multiple status effects and increases attack,  along with two blast and two accele discs make her great for battles, especially against bosses. 


Her main flaw is a lack of defense meaning low durability. 

Madoka Kaname

Perhaps the best magical girl for spamming Magia. Madoka Kaname's Personal Memoria, Connect, and Magia all work together to rapidly charge her teammates' MP Gauge.

Paired with support Madoka to unleash the infamous DoubleDoka Cheese and spam their Magias nearly every turn.

Kyoko Sakura

Kyoko can easily clear waves of enemies thanks to her high attack and triple Blast discs.

Her Magia targets all enemies, making it a strong option for defeating bosses.


Kazumi has two blasts discs and two magia discs, so she's well suited for either type of team. Her connect increases blast damage and ignores the enemies' defense whereas her magia increases her own MP and allows her to quickly spam more magia attacks.

Fate T. Harlaown

Super-high Attack, great Connect and a good Magia.

Her defense isn't as good as it could be, so she can be a bit frail at times. 

Tier 2

Magical Girls with strong abilities, but lack the sheer offensive or defensive power of Tier 1.

Ren Isuzu

Ren has a powerful single-target Magia, and her Dark attribute ensures no enemy will resist her attacks.

Ren's discs are flexible and are unlikely to interfere with combos.

Mito Aino

Versatile stats means she can be used in a variety of teams. She's best used as a tank due to her high HP stats and good Defensive stats. 

Her lack of a second blast disc can be a let down, but otherwise Mito has good attack stats. 

Her connect grants provoke, evasion, and critical hits but the evasion isn't guaranteed unless she's 5*.

Yachiyo Nanami

Works similarly to Nanaka Tokiwa, but without her Blast Draw.

Having 3 Blast discs and a great Connect still makes Yachiyo Nanami incredibly effective offensively, especially against large multi-space bosses.

Tsuruno Yui

High Attack stats and a powerful Connect. Tsuruno Yui's MP gain from her Magia allowing her to Magia spam with the proper team or Memoria support.

Just be wary of her poor bulk; she can’t take many hits.

Rena Minami

Great attack stats and good magia builder using her Connect, but low defensive stats so she can be easily knocked out.

Karin Misono

Triple Accele discs are great for magia spamming and her connect casts Bewitch, which will help your team to survive.


Good bulk, but not the strongest attack. Great for support

Holy Mami

Good disc set that trades an Accele disc for a second Blast disc and a connect that inflicts fog. Strong emphasis on using status effects.


Her magia is empty however, and only deals increased elemental damage.

Konoha Shizumi

Konoha's connect heals your girls and increases the MP gained from accele discs. She also increases attack, making her a very versatile character and useful on any team. She's a balance type, so her stats aren't as good as others. 

Mayu Kozue

Her connect grants MP while also increasing MP from Accele discs. Great as a support for magia-oriented teams. 


Suzune Amano

Triple accele and an AoE magia means she can clear entirely waves quickly. 

She's also an attack unit with a connect that increases damage and critical hit chance.

Nanoha Takamachi

She's strong, but doesn't really bring anything too unique to a team, and neither her Connect nor Magia are amazing.

Tier 3

Strong Magical Girls with a particular niche they excel in, but have obvious weaknesses.

Hinano Miyako

Low stats all-around, and the poison on Hinano Miyako's Magia/Connect is rarely useful in PvE.

Her Connect’s Damage Up is still helpful, and her Magia’s guaranteed stun all enemies is very handy.

Momoko Togame

An otherwise strong Magical Girl hindered by poor Disc options - Charge Discs aren't very useful.

As the only magical girl with Defense Pierce on her Connect currently available, she can help cut through tanks like Kirika Kure. 

Mitama Yakumo

Her stats make her a decent tank, and her triple accele discs are great for magia building.

But her connect lowers your defense and her magia deals no damage while also cursing Mitama. 

Tsukuyo Amane

A decently strong Magical Girl hindered by poor Disc options - Charge Discs aren't very useful.

Her personal memoria gives you all Tsukuyo discs and she has a bonus connect ability unique to Tsukasa.

Sayaka Miki

Defense units aren't the best for events. Her BACCA Discs means she has only one Blast Disc to contribute. However, her regen ability can be useful for longer boss battles. 

Kokoro Awane

Defensive units aren’t that great for most early events. Her Connect increases defense and grants damage cut which can help your team mates to survive against strong attacks.

Himika Mao

Defense units tend to not have great attack stats, but her connect will grant you endure so that her teammates won't die immediately, but it's use is limited.

Kirika Kure

Defensive units aren’t that great for most early events. Her Connect draws fire to other girls, which could be a double-edged sword.

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