A Rainfall of Rainbow Orbs: The August 26 Master Dark Labyrinth Bug

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The Great ROrbling

On Monday, August 26th 9:59 PDT, /u/EnricoDL discovered that they were getting lucky drops of Rainbow Orbs in the daily Master Awakening Labyrinth. A bit of testing proved that it wasn't luck, but a 100% drop rate for Rainbow Orbs!

EnricoDL shared his finding on the Magia Record Subreddit and the news quickly spread:

100% drop rate

Some people were able to get over a hundred orbs, using any AP potions at their disposal, even gem refills.

Of course, this was a bug and bugs get patched. The guarantee was fixed on the same day at around 19:00 PDT.

Since this disparity in rainbow orbs, the most valuable and partially time-gated farmable item, could definitely lead to inequality between those who farmed and those who didn't, a solution was announced:

Official Response

official response

It has come to our attention that Monday's Labyrinth of Awakening Master Battle was spawning an unusual amount of enemies that drop a special item.

We are sorry for any confusion this has caused.

During 8/27's emergency maintenance we have performed the following actions:

  • Retrieval of all Rainbow Orbs that were gained from this quest.
  • Distribution of compensation.

Compensation Details

Your compensation depends on how many improperly gained Rainbow Orbs were able to be successfully retrieved from your account. 

・30 AP for every improperly gained Rainbow Orb successfully retrieved from your account.
※This AP was distributed through 50 AP Potions. (Compensated AP was rounded up to the nearest fifty.)

Additional compensation was also sent based on how many improperly gained Rainbow Orbs were unsuccessfully retrieved from your account.

1) 5 Rainbow Orbs minus the number of improperly gained Rainbow Orbs that were unsuccessfully retrieved from your account.

  • 0-5: 200 Magia Stones
  • 6-30: 100 Magia Stones
  • 31: and over: Nothing

※Players who did not obtain any Rainbow Orbs from the applicable quest will receive 5 Rainbow Orbs.

As a further apology, we have sent 100 Magia Stones to all players who cleared Chapter 1 Episode 2 Battle 2 of the Main Story before 3:30 AM PDT on 8/27.

Please withdraw all compensation from your Present Box.

Once again, we are very sorry for any confusion this has caused.

We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica [Side Story]!

Follow Up Maintenance


This would not completely roll back the situation, as rainbow orbs that were already used were not retrieved, nor were the dark materials or rank exp for players, and level episode exp for the participating units. However, with the increase of Magia Stones and the refunding of AP, the deal would still most likely be a net positive for all players.

A maintenance occurred from 3:00 PDT till 5:00 PDT to implement this change. However, after the maintenance, people reported various issues with the compensation, the most noticeable being some players getting double the compensation.

Due to this, another maintenance began, starting at 8/27 5:40 PDT and ending at 9:00 PDT.

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