Liz Hawkwood's Story: Episode 3

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Part 1

I think the Witch is finished for now.
Is Darc still unconscious?
Maybe the Witch can't do anything to you while you're unconscious.
How was it this time? What kind of memories did you see?
Awful ones.
From before I met Darc. From when you and I were traveling together.
I see.
That was a very frustrating time.
Each memory that's brought up feels like it's gouging part of my mind away.
Every meeting soon followed by a parting...
They all ended up dead, or worse.
Why not think of it this way instead?
You and those girls wove a destiny together during our travels.
Each and every one of those threads is part of you now.
It was your very existence that helped give rise to the strongest Magical Girl, Darc.
Is that true?
Well, it's only a hypothesis.
But if you contributed to the rise of the extraordinary being that is Darc...
The other girls' sacrifices were not in vain.
That's one way to think of it.
Even if that were true...
All of the girls who fell...
That sentiment won't bring them any comfort.
I see...
We held on to the same hopes and dreams.
We walked down the same path together.
But I had to watch them transform into Witches, into enemies I had to kill.
Looking back, I feel nothing but regret. It was just one tragedy after another.
It seems remembering everything at once has really taken a toll on you.
Yes, but I finally understand what our enemy is trying to do.
It brings up old memories in order to fill its opponent's mind with regret.
That's how the Witch of this Labyrinth attacks.
So it uses regret.
That kind of trap can be even more dangerous than a physical attack.
Especially for Magical Girls like you.
There is one more thing I realized thanks to this trap.
And that is?
The identity of this Labyrinth's Witch.

Part 2

You know the enemy's true identity?
That's right.
You also know her.
So you're saying the Witch of this Labyrinth...
Is one we've fought before?
Yes, we were both witnesses.
We were there the very moment she turned into a Witch...
Liz... I... I don't want to become a Witch!
No, she turned into a Witch!
You're saying that girl is the Witch of this Labyrinth?
That's right.
It was hard to tell at first, as she's grown much stronger since then.
But even back when she first transformed...
She attacked my mind with this same curse of regret.
I brought misfortune to her...
If she had never met me, she'd still be...
What's wrong?! Why aren't you getting up?!
If you don't fight back you'll die!
So it's her...the girl who became a Witch that day.
Her powers may have improved, but the magic, the curse you sense, is the same.
That's how you were able to recognize her.
Yes. And if my memory is correct...
After her attack failed, she tried something different.
That's right...
What's waiting for us next is a direct attack.

Part 3

The magical reaction increased!
Liz, be careful!
I won't go down that easy.
I've gotten stronger too!
Even before I met Darc...
I carried the burden of the sacrifices those girls made and continued to fight.
I take responsibility for those sins... I don't expect any forgiveness.
But more importantly...
Darc is the light of hope.
Those girls shared the same dream.
Darc wants to bring light to this world for them.
The light those girls weren't able to see...
This magic...
It's coming, Liz!
Don't worry. I won't lose!
Even if my hands become stained in sin, I'll eliminate anything that blocks her path!
I dealt with, and overcame, so many regrets in order to find Darc.
She is our last hope!
―Frusta Whip―
Finish it!
All right...
We're ending this...
Liz, you did it!

Part 4

Where are we?
It's the forest we were in before.
The Witch's Labyrinth is gone.
And the phantom copy of Domrémy vanished with it.
It looks like it.
Oh, Liz? Monsieur Angel!
Darc... You're awake!
Everything okay?! Are you hurt?!
Oh, um, no!
I feel completely fine!
What a relief...
What is it?
Did you just hear a voice?
A voice?
Darc... Liz!
Please answer if you can hear me!
It's Melissa!
They must've come looking for us!
I can't believe they were able to find us!
We're over here, Melissa!
We're both safe!
You were trapped in a Witch's Labyrinth?
I didn't know you were in so much trouble!
I'm so happy you were able to make it out safely!
No need to worry!
Liz and Monsieur Angel were with me!
It was no easy opponent.
Coincidentally, Liz had fought this Witch before.
She was able to take care of it though!
(Coincidentally? This was no coincidence.)
(Iroha and Yachiyo were also surprised when they saw a Witch they'd fought before.)
(In this world... What Yachiyo and Iroha refer to as a dream world set in France...)
(Enemies from our past experiences are recreated.)
By the way, you were unconscious for quite a while, Darc.
What's the last thing you remember?
Do you recall the town that looked exactly like Domremy?
I remember everything up to when we went to examine Catherine's grave.
But, after that...
There were only nostalgic, happy memories!
She was attacked at the same time as you, but didn't suffer any psychological damage.
I wonder if she can't feel any regret.
A universal feeling that you humans experience in response to sad events.
I have sad memories...
But I don't regret them.
―Darc― Because I will liberate this country...
―Darc― I will not waste that vow I made to Catherine.
(It's not that Darc is lacking the ability to feel regret, it's just...)
(Her resolve is so strong that she doesn't have room to spare for negative emotions.)
(I think I understand now...)
That's why...
You are our last light of hope.
Wait, what? What are you talking about?
You are my...our light of hope.
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