Chisato Shion's Story: Episode 2

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Part 1

I was asked to read a picture book to some kids.
On top of that, they want me to make my own book! That's asking far too much!
Arisa noticed I was lost in thought and called Haruka and Matsuri over to think of something together!
They agreed to help, and we decided to each come up with a storyline.
And today we're presenting our ideas!
Sooo, what did everyone come up with? Hmm?
You seem pretty confident.
*Giggle* Maybe?
What I came up with isn't half bad if ya ask me!
How about you, Haruka?
I think it's worth presenting!
Mine's pretty good too!
It seems like I'm the least confident.
And so, we started to present each of our ideas.
Who's first?
May I have the honor?
Go for it, student council!
Very well.
First, the title is...
'The Prince Who Rode a Shooting Star'.
Whoa! That sounds like a real picture book!
As you can tell from the title, the main character is a prince.
His name is Frédéric Michel.
Frédéric gets tricked by an evil vassal named Gaspard.
He gets sent to a faraway land called Caldesheim.
But there he meets some traveling artists...
Grégoire, Guenael, Heinrich, and Ippolito!
In the next country they visit, Conshawl...
They meet the knights Isidor, Louis Abell Ludovic, Marcellin...
As well as the heroine Marie Éléonore!
W-wait! Hold on a moment!
Is something wrong?
I'm sorry, I know you took a lot of time to think of all of this, but...
Aren't those names a bit too complicated?
Do you think so?
Yup, totally confusing!
I couldn't tell who was who halfway through.
Oh, really?
I suppose I should rethink some of them.
Okay! My turn, my turn!

Part 2

Okay! My turn, my turn!
You, huh?
Do you actually have something put together?
Hmph! What's that supposed to mean?
I have it all thought out! Listen up!
Ready? Here I go!
The title is... 'The Little Headless Rabbit'!
See! Like this!
Oh, the thing you always have on your bag.
Your rabbit keychain?
That's certainly a keychain shaped like a rabbit head...
Right! That's why it's called 'The Little Headless Rabbit'!
Once upon a time, in a village called Headless Acres...
There lived a bunch of headless animals!
A bunch of animals without heads...
One day, Mr. Goat, an animal with a head, came to the village.
He said that he wanted to become part of the village!
And so, to grant Mr. Goat's wish, the Little Headless Rabbit...
He worked real hard to organize the village's traditional festival.
And the ceremony went well, and Mr. Goat, who had a head...
...became Mr. Headless Goat! Happily ever after!
Um... Where do I start?
Start with what you think! Tell me, tell me!
I don't mean to be harsh...
But the whole headless theme is too scary!
Aww, but my rabbit...
That's true, that's what your keychain is!
But expressing it in direct terms makes it absolutely horrifying.
'Headless Acres' sounds morbid as heck.
The festival sounds like a spooky ritual.
Really? Is that what it sounded like?
Oooh! This is harder than I thought!
Moving on! I think it's my turn!

Part 3

Moving on! I think it's my turn!
Are you sure about yours, Arisa?
Don't worry! I got this!
My story is... Tadaaa!
'Super Arissah'!
Our protagonist is a young beauty called Arissah.
But she has a secret...
Arissah is actually a sorceress!
With her huge scythe, she goes around slicing up the monsters tormenting her town!
She has special attacks too, like 'Arissah Beam' and 'Arissah Fire'!
Hold it!
Your story is about you, isn't it?
Hee hee, you noticed?
Who wouldn't?!
'Arissah' is too obvious.
I was thinking, and it just hit me.
Wouldn't it be so cool if I was the hero?!
Think about it. Magical Girls totally sound like something from a picture book!
Yeah, they do, but...
So why not? I figured I'd make a few adjustments, and...
Make a picture book about a Magical Girl!
Still, going around cutting things with a big scythe?
Laser beams and fire? That's really too much fighting!
That's what makes it exciting!
I think 'Harookah' would be a better name.
No! Her name's Arissah!
Oh! What about 'Mattsurey'?!
What do you think, Chissatoh?
I am not Chissatoh!

Part 4

Hmmm, so what are we going to do?
Did you think of something, Chisato?
Well, I do have something.
What kind of story is it?
I don't have a title for it yet. But the story is about...
What's wrong?
Mm, I already know it isn't any good.
There's a hero of justice fighting against a villain tormenting people.
It sounds cliché, doesn't it?
Well, yes, I suppose it does.
This is all I could think of.
I know I've been criticizing everyone, but mine's the worst of all.
I'm sorry.
Oh c'mon! I'm telling you, it'll be fine!
Let's brainstorm together again, okay?
You're right. We can do it together.
Together, all of us...
What's up?
Oh! I got it!
Sometimes there are things you just can't do alone.
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