Magia Record Releases Tomorrow, 6/25: What You Should Know

  • Hundreds of Magia Stones and a free character are available for those who play early
  • Release date is June 25th, exact time unknown. GamePress will keep you posted!

Edit: Magia Stone totals updated to reflect new Milestones.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019, is the final release date for the EN version of Puella Magi Madoka Magica [Side Story]: Magia Record.

Magia Record is a turn-based RPG with card mechanics similar to Fate/Grand Order, another game published by Aniplex USA. 

The pre-registration campaign for the game has been going strong. Over the course of several weeks, players have pre-registered over 20,000 times and unlocked:

  • 200 Magia Stones
  • Magical Girl Homura Akemi (Glasses)

Players who pre-register at the links below can join the quest towards 25,000 which unlocks another 50 Magia Stones. 

Magia Record: Pre-register for iOSMagia Record: Pre-register for Android

In addition, there have been 6 Magical Girl CM(Commercial) Campaigns, unlocking 50 Magia Stones each. Altogether, these Magical Girl CM campaigns have unlocked 300 Magia Stones. 


(An additional Magical Girl CM Campaign has been released since this Tweet)

After all pre-registration campaigns have been considered, this means players who play the game during its release window(unknown how long it will last) will receive 500 Magia Stones and Homura Akemi (Glasses) for free. 

For more information on Magia Record, check out the GamePress resources below.