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Operation #MoemuraorBust Complete!

Moemura Milestone reached, Moemura is for everyone!

A shy and timid magical girl, she wishes to become strong enough to protect her best friend, Madoka Kaname. She repeatedly goes back in time in hopes to finally fulfill her wish, and will sacrifice anything in order to achieve it.

Visiting Kamihama City, Homura hopes to find a way to save her best friend and prevent her terrible future.

(Magical Girl Page very much a work-in-progress!)

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MagiReco Prereg Campaign tracker:

  • May 30th: Campaign Launched (26 day to launch)
  • June 6th - 5,000 Milestone Reached (19 days to launch)
  • June 11th - 10,000 Milestone Reached (14 days to launch)
  • June 13th - 15,000 Milestone (12 days to launch)
  • June 20th - 20,000 Milestone (5 days to launch)
  • ??? - 25,000 Milestone
  • June 25th - MagiReco NA Launch Date

How to Pre-register for Magia Record NA

You can pre-register on either iOS or Android devices with the links below.

The more people pre-register, the more bonuses everyone get!

Note: Pre-registration is currently region-limited to only Canada and USA.

If you're outside of Canada and USA, you can still pre-register with the following method:

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5,000 Prereg Milestone Reached!

10,000 Prereg Milestone Reached!

15,000 Prereg Milestone Reached!

20,000 Prereg Milestone Reached!

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