How to Pre-Register Magia Record English Internationally and Skip Region-Locking

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The MagiReco Prereg Campaign has reached its first milestone!

We now have a method for international fans outside of USA and Canada to contribute to the #MoemuraorBust Campaign as well, thanks to a tip from RoyInverse!

This Pre-Reg Trick does not require a new US Google Play Account!

region locking

Add Magia Record to Play Wishlist

The Pre-Reg Trick involves skipping the region-check by adding MagiReco to your wishlist. 

To do so, click on the link below on your Android Device and select "Complete action using..." Play Store action.

Play Store

Click on the Wishlist button to add to Your Wishlist:


If the Wishlist button doesn't appear for your device, check the More Menu (3-dots) to see if it's buried there!

Skip Region Check to Pre-Register Magia Record

Select Wishlist in the Google Play Menu:


Find Magia Record on Your Wishlist and tap More Moreand and then Pre-register

preregadd prereg

Congratulations! You're Now Pre-Registered for Magia Record English!

You should now be pre-registered for Magia Record English, even if you do not have an Google Play USA account:

complete prereg


Do it for her
Do it for her!

Preparing for the Launch

Check out the following guides in preparation for the June 25th launch:

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