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Learning with Mitama Event Guide

Happy Halloween!

Oh, it’s a bit early for that?

Well, I just thought it would be a good opportunity, since we likely won’t see before then!
As for whether I’ll be trick or treating or any such thing…
I’ll have you know I’m a respectable and normal 17-year old!
Just what kind of terrible person do you think I am? I’ll leave such things for the younger ones, of course! 🎵
Speaking of younger ones, I hear there’s a play in the works by some of them!
Magical Halloween Theater splash
Though I hear they might be having some trouble, and the rest of us might have to step in to help a little!

And thus, we have Mirrors battles!

(For some reason or other.)

However, these are not just your regular Mirrors battles.
For those who doubt their ability to fight against others, or those who find themselves against far too strong opponents, worry not!
For I have prepared special items this time, which you can use before battle to boost even the weakest team to a force to be reckoned with!
These buffs boost either team Attack, Defense, or Health, each by a large amount, up to 3 times per battle each, and up to 100% total for each buff!
So worry not, and battle on, to cheer our theater-creators on (perhaps)!

Oh, and if you need help preparing for these battles, please look through the guides on Mirrors matches and Team Building by yours truly!

Upon reaching a certain amount of points in the event, you will be shown another part of the story of this Magical Halloween Theater, and be moved to another layer of the event!
In addition to these special buffs, there will also be special missions in each story layer.
These missions can range from something quite simple and normal in Mirrors battles, to rarer objectives, such as using an Active Skill Memoria in battle, or even using a Magia in battle, which the aforementioned buffs can also assist with!
These missions, when completed, will award you event currency, which you can bring to my shop for rewards!

So good luck, and may the play succeed as brilliantly as it should!

Event Hub

Magical Halloween Theater ends in...

Magical Halloween Theater works similar to regular Mirror Matches, but easier due to faster progression and the special buff items available.

Check out our Mirrors guides for team suggestions:

Karin Misono Fate Weave
Featured Magical Girl
New Memoria

Event Infographics by carnivoraa

Infographics by carnivoraa, shared on Magia Record Subreddit.

Act 5, Act 8 Stun Mission

Since Memoria are currently disabled, we'll have to be a bit creative for these missions.

Further Reading: an excellent rundown of your options for this missions by /u/SatoshiOokami.

Accele, Blast, and Charge Combo Missions

The easiest way to complete these missions is to field a single magical girl with triple decks:

(spoiler warning: links above include upcoming JP Server magical girls)

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