Learning with Mitama! Mitama's Special Training: Mitama Guide

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Article by Ferrene

Learning with Mitama!

Oh my, what’s this?

I seem to have found enough fight in me to do some battlefield supporting!
Oh, I previously said I couldn’t fight at all?
Well, looks like I was a teensy bit wrong! Teehee~ 🎵
But my help only amounts to battlefield support, you hear!
My delicate form is unsuited to battling alone, and all I can offer on the field is some quick adjusting!
Thus, you can simply think of me as your dedicated support, for that is all these frail hands can do!
A support, you hear me? Nothing more than a support!
It would be a problem if you start thinking of me as some sort of damage goddess and bringing me everywhere!
I’m already overworked enough as it is! Think of your poor Coordinator and her plight!
But this way, I can perhaps help with some material collecting of my own from time to time!
And I require no payment for this for now either!
Truly, you should all praise me for my kindness and generosity! Business is the only way I survive, after all!
However, keeping my customers happy (and alive) is just as important, and thus here I am!
Oh? You think I can still grow stronger, and everyone should just wait till then?
Who knows...perhaps such a day will yet come!
But for you those who choose to wait, you will receive no special help from me in the meantime!
This special deal to borrow my help and strengthen my fighting ability with my own shop’s supplies is for now only, I’ll have you know!

In addition to my help more permanently, I've prepared a special event through which only the most dedicated fans will receive a most wondrous prize!

This will be in the form of a quiz, with multiple choice questions, prepared by yours truly! Don't worry, I'm sure nothing bad will happen to you if you should choose wrong!

And for those of you who chose wrong, or perhaps simpy wish to see all the various different paths in this special event, worry not! For I am sure there is some way, perhaps in the Archive, to reach back in time to answer the quiz once more!

So, with this truly special event, strengthen your team, gain a cute Coordinator by your side, and gain even more materials from my shop, there’s no downside anywhere in this deal whatsoever!

Rolling all your Stones now would be a waste, you say?
On someone who can’t even deal much damage…
But look at the positives, and your cute Coordinator, and you will surely know the right path to take!
To sweeten the deal, I might even promise to not attempt to cook for a week! So, how about it?
Oh, that reminds me, the festive season is getting quite close now.

I need to go shopping for some new clothes, clearly.

The time of the year to wear some more special kinds of outfits is almost upon us, after all! 🎵

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