Anime NYC 2019: Magia Record Panel Summary: NA Exclusive Magical Girl & Thanksgiving Event Announced

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Panel Announcement

In a late announcement early this week, Aoi Yuki (Voice of Madoka Kaname) and President of SHAFT and Animation Producer, Mitsutoshi Kubota would host a special Magia Record panel at Anime NYC, after the special advanced screening of the Magia Record TV anime.

GamePress' Hakurai was in attendance for the MagiReco events, and below is a quick summary of announcements made during the panel.

More Anime NYC coverage to come from Hakurai, including a panel transcript, so keep an eye out in this space!

MagiReco Panel Announcements

  • English Server Exclusives Thanksgiving Event: Thanksgiving Cooking Battle!
  • 100 Magia Stone Gift!
  • English Service Exclusive Magical Girl preview, coming 2020! 

Official Player Survey

Aniplex of America is currently running a survey to gauge player interest and feedback. Please take a moment to share with them your thoughts!

Magia Record Player Survey
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