Shinjuku: Preparation & New Ascension Item Farming Nodes

Ascension Farming

(Last Updated 02/22)

Shinjuku introduces a new Ascension Item: Mystic Spinal Fluid. Most Free Quests in Shinjuku have a chance to drop them. 

In addition, the materials listed below all have their new best direct farming location in Shinjuku. Some of these are very popular ascension materials, and we finally, finally(!) can farm Hearts of the foreign god at our own leisure at decent rates.

Item Farm Location Quest Name APD

Shinjuku Station
Concret Dungeon 32

Barrel Tower
Riffling Hole 46

Shinjuku 2-Chome
Rainbow Town 68

Shinjuku 2-Chome
Rainbow Town 114

Shinjuku Gyoen
Demon's Garden 171
Mixed Ascension Item Farming

An aspect of farming that often goes a little unnoticed, is how farming the best drop location in the long run is not always the most AP-efficient way to gather Ascension items.

Some Free Quests with multiple materials are a more efficient way to gather ascension items if a Master needs both. Considering just how many items are needed for each Servant, it's usually a matter of time until Masters run out of inventory. The more patient Masters will often have a larger amount of materials than the impatient Master. 

Most mixed Free Quests are still fairly bad - but some mixed nodes stand out. In Shinjuku, there are 3 mixed nodes that are good AP investments. These are listed below. Consider farming Mystic Spinal Fluid in these nodes instead of the best node listed above if either of the gold materials are low in stock.

Hyde Park(Cystal Palace Ruins) in London also remains a viable Forbidden Page location, because it also drops Evil Bones at a decent rate whereas Tearstones aren't always in high demand. Evil Bones are a common choke point for many Masters after all.

There is also Breachloader that drops Spirit Root and Eternal Gears, but the rates are worse than the amazing Ideal City node in Camelot, and Ideal City drops the much-needed Proof of Hero and Octuplet Twin Crystal as well.

Item Farm Location Quest Name APD

Shinjuku 4-Chome
Hotel District 53

Shinjuku Gyoen
Demon's Garden 69

Shinjuku 2-Chome
Rainbow Town 68

Shinjuku Preparation

The Shinjuku Singularity works slightly different than the previous ones. In order to be properly prepared and hopefully take away some fears after the challenging encounter with Saber Alter, here are a list of things you might like to know.

  • Completion of Part 1 is required. Any of the Epic of Remnant Singularities can be accessed after completing Solomon (once they are released), but the story is sequential - Shinjuku is the first story-wise, then Agartha, etc.
  • Break Bars are included. However, these bosses are not on the same level as the Memorial Challenge Quest. Consider this Singularity a continuation of Babylonia in difficulty. 
  • All Epic of Remnant Singularities have bonus bond point conditions. For Shinjuku, Evil Servants will receive double bond points. We've added a Servant Alignment table feature to help you find all Evil Servants in your roster. 
  • Future Bonus conditions include: All female (and genderless) Servants for EoR 2, all Knight-class (Saber, Archer and Lancer) Servants for EoR 3, and all Caster Servants for EoR 4. 
  • The bond point bonuses are a self-inflicted bonus challenge. If some of the battles are too difficult to combat with just evil Servants, then just use your complete roster. Bond points are nice, but in the grand scheme of things, it's only a minor boost. 
  • To prepare for the encounters in Shinjuku, (evil) Lancers, Casters, Assassins, and Berserkers are highly recommended.
  • Finally, Masters will be able to level to 140. The total EXP required to go from 130 to 140 is 104,349,650 EXP. For comparison, going from 1 to 130 requires 73,912,327 EXP.
  • At level 140, Masters will have 10 more friend slots, 2 more total AP, and 1 extra cost. That might seem trivial, but the extra cost is actually very useful for (event) farming.