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WANTED Quests are one-time completion quests that are unlocked by completing Missions. Completing all WANTED Quests is necessary for 100% Mission completion.

WANTED Quest Unlock Conditions

Quest Location Main Quests Required Key Items Required Missions Required
WANTED Rider G Map: Front

Devil's Elbow
Clear Mission 28: Defeat 40 Shapeshifter Enemies.
WANTED Lancer C Map: Front

Portopia Thigh
Clear Act 1 6/6-1 Clear Mission 22: Defeat 30 Eater Enemies.
WANTED Archer T Map: Front

Ankle Link
Clear Mission 9: Defeat 60 TYPE I Enemies
WANTED Saber S Map: Front

Umbilical Hair
Clear Act 1 3/6-2 Clear Mission 19: Defeat 90 Sakura Enemies.
WANTED Caster G Map: Front

Kind Thenar
Clear Mission 32: Defeat 60 Sakura Worm Enemies.
WANTED Saber A Map: Front

Landing Thigh
Clear Mission 33: Defeat 30 Sakura Bot Enemies.
Clear Mission 34: Defeat 60 Sakura Bot Enemies.
WANTED Assassin J&H Map: Front

Link Ankle
Clear Mission 35: Defeat 30 Sakura Handler Enemies.
Clear Mission 36: Defeat 60 Sakura Handler Enemies.
WANTED Berserker V Map: Front

Flank Separator
Clear Act 2 5/5-1 Clear Mission 50: Defeat 10 White or Silver Haired Servants.
WANTED Archer A&M Map: Back

Codec Hip
Clear Act 3 1/3-1 Clear Mission 30: Defeat 160 Shapeshifter Enemies.
WANTED Rider M Map: Front

Breast Valley
Clear Act 3 3/3-5 Clear Mission 21: Defeat 240 Sakura Enemies.
WANTED Caster M Map: Back

Spinal Coaster
Clear Act 4 3/4-3 Clear Mission 11: Defeat 120 TYPE I Enemies.
WANTED Berserker HXA Map: Back

Dark Hand
Clear Act 4 2/4-1 Clear Mission 14: Defeat 90 TYPE II Enemies.
WANTED Assassin K Map: Back

Jail hand
Clear Act 4 2/4-1 Clear Mission 17: Defeat 90 TYPE III Enemies.
WANTED Lancer K Map: Back

Stamping Thenar
Gate Key (Station) Clear Mission 98: Clear 60 Missions.
Clear Mission 26: Defeat 20 Eater TYPE X Enemies.
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