SE.RA.PH - Boss Guides

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SE.RA.PH - Boss Guides

Boss Guides

The SE.RA.PH event features several particularly challenging encounters! For Masters seeking advice against specific encounters, check out one of the boss guides!

There are spoilers regarding the identity of the boss fights in the below table!

Click on the enemy's image below for its corresponding guide!

Boss Guide Links [SPOILERS] (Click to open)

Chapter Encounter
Act 3 (3/3) Part 3
Act 4 (3/4) Part 2
Act 4 (4/4) Part 1
Epilogue (1/2) (With KP: "Melt's Death Whip" Purchased)
Epilogue (1/2) (No "Melt's Death Whip" Purchased)
ENCORE Final Battle
Raining Encounter