Revival: Valentine's 2018 Lite - Challenge Quest Guide

Enemy Wave Image

Fatal Battle 1/1

Francis Drake (1)


Nightingale (2)


Altria Pendragon (Lancer Alter) (3)


Xuanzang Sanzang (4)


Ishtar (5)


Hassan of the Serenity (6)


Queen Medb (7)


Euryale (8)


Brynhild (9)


Shuten-Douji (10)


Tamamo-no-Mae (11)


Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) (12)


Miyamoto Musashi (13)


Nero Claudius (Bride) (14)

Boss Analysis

  • All bosses come in a single wave of 14.
  • There are two Servants of each of the seven basic classes (Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker).
  • Nightingale will auto-cast Poisoned by Chocolate at the start of battle, which decreases the frontline party's HP Recovery amount by 60%.
  • All other bosses can cast Poisoned by Chocolate as well, but will only cast it if one or more Servants are unaffected by the debuff. This uses up an action.
  • Every boss has access to their native skills and Noble Phantasms, and will use them at will.
  • Enemy levels aren't very high, and the base damage from each enemy isn't the true problem. Dealing and managing the avalanche of enemy NPs is what this fight is all about.
  • Generally, AoE NP enemies should be eliminated first.
  • Elimination Order:
    • 0) Nightingale: Support NP. Only eliminate if you do not have DEF support, as she can hit hard. With DEF support, her NP is far less threatening than others and essentially is a wasted action for the enemy, so keeping her alive if her normal attacks' damage can be mitigated is beneficial.
    • 1) Francis Drake: AoE NP. She can charge her gauge and grant herself Ignore Invincibility for 3 turns, Remove ASAP.
    • 2) Altria Pendragon (Lancer Alter): AoE NP. NP can inflict Curse and NP Seal.
    • 3) Ishtar: AoE NP. She has only 3 charges on her NP bar, can charge her gauge, and can grant herself Invincibility. Remove ASAP.
    • 4) Hassan of the Serenity: ST NP. NP bar only has 3 charges and she may drain NP gauge. But low damage NP.
    • 5) Xuanzang Sanzang: ST NP. Beware: she can charge her NP gauge with 2 charges per skill activation.
    • 6) Euryale: ST NP. She can charm and charge + drain NP gauge at the same time. Low Damage NP on females, immense on males.
    • 7) Shuten-Douji: AoE NP. Only 3 NP bar charges, and can charm the entire party. Remove ASAP.
    • 8) Queen Medb: ST NP. Can charm Males, charge her NP and counters common Caster Supports.
    • 9) Brynhild: ST NP.
    • 10) Mysterious Heroine X (Alter): ST NP.
    • 11) Miyamoto Musashi: ST NP. NP removes buffs after damage.
    • 12) Nero Claudius (Bride): ST NP. She can charge the NP gauge of a random ally..
    • 13) Nightingale: Eliminate here if not eliminated earlier.
    • 14) Tamamo-no-Mae: Support NP. Can leave to the end, can charge NP of allies with her own NP.

Team Composition Recommendations

  • Since every basic class is covered, high coverage damage options work especially well, such as Berserkers (with survivability), Avengers, or Rulers.
  • All enemies are Servants, which makes Gilgamesh a great choice for this fight. With enough buffs (such as Merlin's) he will be able to take out the Lancer enemies as well due to his NP's anti-Servant trait damage.
  • Anti-female Servants like Jack work great here as well, but so do anti-Divine Servants. The Divine enemies such as Ishtar and Euryale have a habit to quickly charge their NP after all.
  • Lancer Servants do well early on and can be swapped out/let die once the Sabers appear.
  • When filling the final slot, note that the two final Servants are Sabers. For this quest, putting Cu Chulainn in the last slot of the lineup is not the best choice, although Berserkers such as Cu Chulainn (Alter) or Heracles will still work decently.
  • Given the length of the fight, the high HP of the enemies, and the likelihood of having to tank at least one Noble Phantasm, it is best to bring Servants that have either Evade or Invincible, or bringing full-party invincibility options (Merlin, Jeanne d'Arc, Tristan, David). If those options are unavailable, Guts can be used.
  • Servants that have the ability to Taunt and/or provide Invincibility are also useful for tanking ST NPs and helping to make sure that heavy hitters in the party do not sustain too much damage across the long battle (Mash, Georgios, Leonidas, Chevalier d'Eon).
  • Mash is a powerhouse for this quest. She can redirect enemy ST NPs, and her (stacked) defense buffs are potent enough to severely reduce the weaker enemy NPs and their base attacks.
  • Zhuge Liang (El Melloi II) and Tamamo are also both viable options due to the support they provide to the party and their ability to stall enemy NPs. Stalling AoE NPs are a priority if a full party invincibility option is not available.
  • Despite the decreased effectiveness of healing, Merlin still remains a viable option due to the other benefits he provides, including NP regen and the full party invincibility. The Max HP buff on his Buster buff is also unaffected by the HP Recovery down debuff and can act as a heal.

Quick Servant Suggestions

Primary DPS Suggestions
Invincibility Support
Stalling + NP Charge Support
Taunt Support