Revival: Onigashima - Wazahamimaru Raid Guide

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Enemy Layout

Battle 1/2

Lesser Oni


Vile Oni


Lesser Oni

Fatal Battle 2/2



Tamamo No Mae

Boss Statistics

Wazahamimaru Statistics
Wazahamimaru HP
100,000 - 6,000,000
15 - 48
NP Bar

NP Type
Up to three per turn
Earth, Male, Demonic, Humanoid
Active Buff
Increases resistance to Arts cards by 50%
Reduces the defense of all enemies by 20% for 3 turns
NP Effect
Deals around 6000-6500 damage (3BP) to all opponents and seals skills for 1 turn
Tamamo no Mae Statistics
Tamamo HP
20,000 - 600,000
15 - 65
Has access to all three of her skills
Eightfold Blessings of Amaterasu:
Small heal and team NP charge


  • Do not forget: Exploit wave 1 to generate as much NP gauge as possible

  • Tamamo isn’t very dangerous, but for new Masters who can't rush Wazahamimaru she will put pressure on a Master's defensive cooldowns as her NP increases Wazahamimaru’s NP gauge.

  • Keeping Tamamo alive for a while can be useful for NP generation. Tamamo has high hit counts which means Servants will gain a lot of extra NP gauge if they're attacked by her.

  • Furthermore, Tamamo does not possess an Arts protection buff. Masters can unload their NP on Wazahamimaru and then use their Arts cards on Tamamo to generate NP gauge normally.

  • Remember to take out Tamamo for her drops before Wazahamimaru dies either way.

  • Wazahamimaru’s skill is actually rather painful if combined with his NP, and can even be lethal for newer Masters.

  • Despite his Arts protections, Wazahamimaru’s class and traits make him extremely vulnerable to Euryale. While Orion is also a decent choice thanks to his Anti-Male skill, it stack additively with other modifiers, making him a lot less powerful for this purpose compared to Euryale.

  • A max ascension, and Rank Up completed, Euryale with the blue bean consumable can spam her NP repeatedly, stall for days and do some ridiculous damage to Wazahamimaru with her NP.

  • What we're trying to say is, bully the Oni with Euryale.

  • ST Archers and Berserkers are the best damage-dealers here. Note that Gilgamesh does not gain additional damage on his NP against Wazahamimaru.

  • For newer Master, consider draining Wazahamimaru’s NP bar or disabling him once with a full NP bar. This will result in one less NP provided Tamamo doesn’t charge his NP.  

Team Composition Recommendation

  • Try to field set-ups with two Servants that provide offensive buffs for one main DPS with Golden Sumo equipped.

  • For new Masters, don’t leave the main DPS entirely undefended, especially if the DPS is a Berserker.

  • Ideally, a set-up would be Main DPS / Support / Offensive Hybrid or Main DPS / Support / Support.

  • For new Masters, a team-wide cleanse, or using the Rain of Isis from the Atlas Academy Uniform can be very useful in keeping a team alive here. Furthermore the Eye of Medjed’s cooldown reduction is very useful for reducing the waiting time between big bursts of damage from Euryale and Orion.

  • However, the Chaldea Combat Uniform remains a safe option as well.

Quick Servant Suggestions

- Recommended
DPS (Only need one)
Supports (Bring multiple)