Revival: Onigashima - Return! Wazahamimaru Raid Guide

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Enemy layout

Battle 1/2

Lesser Oni


Vile Oni


Lesser Oni

Fatal Battle 2/2



Fuuma Kotarou

Boss Statistics

Wazahamimaru Statistics
Wazahamimaru HP
100,000 - 6,000,000
15 - 48
NP Bar

NP Type
Up to three per turn
Earth, Male, Demonic, Humanoid
Active Buff
Increases resistance to Arts cards by 50%
Reduces the defense of all enemies by 20% for 3 turns
NP Effect
Deals around 6000-6500 damage (3BP) to all opponents and seals skills for 1 turn
Fuuma Kotarou Statistics
Fuuma HP
20,000 - 600,000
15 - 75
Has access to all three of his skills
Immortal Chaos Brigade:
Heavy AoE damage + inflicts Disorder


  • Do not forget: Exploit wave 1 to generate as much NP gauge as possible

  • Tamamo has been replaced by Fuuma Kotarou. 

  • Fuuma is more problematic if left alone than Tamamo. As an Assassin he has a short NP bar and his skill set contains a targetable Evasion, which he is liable to cast on Wazahamimaru when the Oni reaches low HP. 

  • Fuuma does have high hit counts on his attacks, which helps to charge NPs.

  • Furthermore, Fuuma does not possess an Arts protection buff. Masters can unload their NP on Wazahamimaru and then use their Arts cards on Fuuma to generate NP gauge normally.

  • In practice though, it's best to simply delete Fuuma early on, the Euryale bullying must not be stopped. 

  • The Blue Oni is still the same:

  • Wazahamimaru’s skill is actually rather painful and if combined with his NP, even lethal for new Masters.

  • Despite his Arts protections, Wazahamimaru’s class and traits make him extremely vulnerable to Euryale and to a lesser extent, Orion.

  • A max ascension, and after Rank Up, Euryale with the blue bean consumable can spam her NP repeatedly, stall for days and do some ridiculous damage to Wazahamimaru with her NP.

  • ST Archers and Berserkers are the best damage-dealers here. Note that Gilgamesh does not gain additional damage on his NP against Wazahamimaru.

  • For new Masters, try to drain Wazahamimaru’s NP bar or disable him once with a full NP bar. This will result in one less NP.

Team Composition Recommendation

  • Try to field set-ups with two Servants that provide offensive buffs for one main DPS with Golden Sumo equipped.

  • But, for new Masters, don’t leave the main DPS entirely undefended, especially if the DPS is a Berserker.

  • Ideally, a set-up would be Main DPS / Support / Offensive Hybrid or Main DPS / Support / Support.

  • Field additional Supports or Hybrids in the backline as generally the Main DPS will not fall first. 

  • Abusing the Order Change ability of the Chaldea Combat Uniform is very effective if combined with Euryale or Orion. Swap the Servant in the third slot with someone in the backline for extra buffs, by stacking even more arts or damage buffs with blue beans, the initial NP can deal millions of damage to Wazahamimaru

  • A team-wide cleanse, or using the Rain of Isis from the Atlas Academy Uniform can be very useful in keeping the team alive here. Furthermore the Eye of Medjed’s cooldown reduction is very useful for reducing the waiting time between big bursts of damage from Euryale and Orion.

Quick Servant Suggestion

- Recommended
DPS (Only need one)
Supports (Bring multiple)
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