Revival: Onigashima - Return! Gorikimaru Raid Guide

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Enemy layout

Battle 1/2

Vile Oni


Lesser Oni


Vile Oni

Fatal Battle 2/2



Musashibou Benkei

Boss Statistics

Gorikimaru Statistics
Gorikimaru HP
100,000 - 6,000,000
16 - 51
NP Bar

NP Type
Up to three per turn
Earth, Male, Demonic, Humanoid
Active Buff
Increases resistance to Buster cards by 50%
Reduces all enemies' critical attack damage by 20% for 3 turns
NP Effect
Deals around 6000-6500 damage (3BP) to all opponents and inflicts a 1000 damage burn for 5 turns
Musashibou Benkei Statistics
Benkei HP
20,000 - 600,000
23 - 75
Has access to all three of his skills
Pilgrimage of the Five Hundred Arhat:
Inflicts Curse for 3 turns + Stun chance


  • This is the last raid, empty out any remaining BP items and beans!

  • Do not forget: Exploit wave 1 to generate as much NP gauge as possible.

  • Wave 1 contains two Vile Onis, who can put out a fair amount of damage if left alone. Consider using a (small) defensive cooldown during turn 1.

  • Kiyohime has been replaced by Musashibou Benkei. 

  • Benkei does not pose an offensive threat with his low damage, rather he is simply an annoyance with his NP- and skill-sealing skills. His debuffs can be resisted fairly often as well as their hit chance isn't too high. 

  • Benkei's taunt does not activate as an enemy(in the original run), but the skill does give a defense up that is substantial. It only lasts for one turn, so switch targets for one turn if he casts it. 

  • Jack, Emiya (Assassin) and Shiki (Assassin) ignore defense buffs with their NP. 

  • There should be no need to bring a Saber to deal with Benkei, any tactics that worked for Gorikimaru's initial raid will work perfectly fine for this one too. It may simply take a little longer to deal with Benkei than Kiyohime.  

  • Gorikimaru’s buster defense buff is more a detriment to Berserkers than it is to Assassins.

  • Yet, his critical damage down skill will hamper any critical-focused strategies. Spamming Assassin NPs is ideal.

  • Gorikimaru’s NP is much more lethal for new masters than it appears. The burn damage is substantial and may even grind down Assassins in time.

  • As a Rider Gorikimaru is also more prone to dishing out critical hits.

  • Despite facing a Rider opponent, bringing caster supports is still viable, if a bit more prone to receiving lethal critical hits.

  • Gorikimaru is generally considered the most troublesome Oni due to his Buster Protection. Eating plenty of beans of various kinds will help the clear speed immensely. The QP from trading them in is worth the hassle of each raid taking longer.

Team Composition Recommendation

  • Try to field set-ups with two Servants that provide offensive buffs for one main DPS with Golden Sumo equipped.

  • But, for new Masters don’t leave the main DPS entirely undefended, especially if the DPS is a Berserker.

  • Ideally, a set-up would be Main DPS / Support / Offensive Hybrid or Main DPS / Support / Support.

  • Field additional Supports or Hybrids in the backline as generally the Main DPS will not fall first. 

  • A team-wide cleanse, or using the Rain of Isis from the Atlas Academy Uniform can be very useful in removing the burn effect. However, reducing cooldowns for Assassin Servants isn’t as powerful.

  • The Chaldea Combat Uniform remains a safe option as well.

Quick Servant Suggestion

- Recommended
DPS (Only need one)
Supports (Bring multiple)
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