Revival: GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration - Free Quests

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  • Free Quests will come in three waves, followed by a final "Clean-Up" wave, following the below schedule.
  • During Battles 1 - 3, Oda Bakufu or Shinsengumi Points gathered will count towards who will win the faction war.
  • A prize is awarded to all players after a battle finishes, so long as they completed at least one Free Quest during the battle wave, regardless of which faction ends up winning.
  • Free Quests from Battle 1 - 3 do not have any first clear rewards; only Clean-Up Free Quests have first clear rewards. However, clearing a previous Free Quest difficulty is required to unlock the next difficulty.
Period Quest
5/8/2020 01:00 - 5/9/2020 00:59 PST 1st Battle
5/9/2020 01:00 - 5/10/2020 00:59 PST 2nd Battle
5/10/2020 01:00 PST - onwards 3rd Battle

Drop Data Notes

Drop Rates are sourced from JP drop sheets: If there is not sufficient drop data for specific materials, then drop rates for those are left blank.

The English FGO community also maintains a community drop rate sheet to crowdsource drop rate data as events progresses (maintained by the Atlas Academy)! More data is always appreciated; you can contribute [Here] ! The NA drop rate sheet is your best source for up to date Drop Rate information.

Free Quests - Battle 1

Oda Bakufu (Battle 1)
Shinsengumi (Battle 1)

Free Quests - Battle 2

Oda Bakufu (Battle 2)
Shinsengumi (Battle 2)

Free Quests - Battle 3

Oda Bakufu (Battle 3)
Shinsengumi (Battle 3)

Free Quests - Clean-Up

Oda Bakufu (Clean-Up)
Shinsengumi (Clean-Up)
Both Factions (Clean-Up)
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