Revival: GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration Challenge Guide: Demon of the Battlefield (Hijikata Toshizo)

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Enemy Layout

* This battle is unchanged from the original run's version.
Grand Battle 1/1

Hijikata Toshizo


Hijikata Toshizo


Hijikata Toshizo


Hijikata Toshizo

Boss Statistics

Hijikata Toshizo
Hijikata HP
NP Bar

NP Type
3 per turn
Male, Humanoid, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish
Skill 1 Demon of the Battlefield B: Increase party's Buster effectiveness and Critical Rate (3 turns). Frequently uses this skill, almost every turn.
Skill 2 Disengage C: Clear own debuffs. Recovers own HP.
Skill 3 Laws of the Shinsengumi EX: Increase own Critical Rate and Critical Damage (3 turns). Deals 1000 damage to self.
Break Unyielding Stance: Charge own NP gauge by 1, give 10 Critical Stars to opponent [Demerit].
Break Unyielding Stance: Charge own NP gauge by 1, give 10 Critical Stars to opponent [Demerit].
Break Unyielding Stance: Charge own NP gauge by 1, give 10 Critical Stars to opponent [Demerit].
NP Shinsengumi: Deals heavy ST damage. Deals more damage the lower his HP is.


  • EVERYONE should be able to complete this challenge quest if they can access it.
  • Although his HP values look high at first glance, Hijikata is a Berserker class enemy, and Masters also have Damage Boost CEs and Event Servants to improve their damage.
  • Wolves of Mibu Wolves of Mibu copies can be stacked (even on backline members) to gain a large damage multiplier. This CE is best used by Servants other than the main damage-dealer.
  • Note that each additional damage boost becomes relatively less useful - making normal CEs sometimes more attractive for the frontline especially for event Servants
  • Hijikata will frequently buff his Critical Rate and Buster damage (almost every turn). In addition, Masters can bait out his Disengage (an action not dealing damage) by inflicting debuffs on him.
  • Hijikata's NP hits a single target but hits hard. He does not have Sure Hit or Ignore Invincible, so Evade/Invincibility works extremely well. Guts is also useful. Due to his NP hitting ST and his overall massive damage, Taunt skills are incredible at buying valuable turns to blast him down.
  • Every time an HP Bar is broken, Hijikata gains 1 NP charge and will give the party 10 Critical Stars. This gives him a total of 3 extra NP charges from his 3 HP bars.
  • Thus, even if Masters burst his entire bar down every turn, he will still get at least one NP off during the battle (unless he is locked down via stuns/NP Seal/Charm/Drains).
  • If he is one charge away from being able to NP, and will be broken in the upcoming turn, make sure safeguards against his NP are prepared!

Team Recommendations

  • Taunt Servants are downright amazing at completely defending a team from Hijikata's onslaught. Servants like Chevalier d'Eon, Georgios, Mash Kyrielight, Leonidas, and Benkei (lvl25+) can carry Wolves of Mibu CEs and reliably die during the time their taunt is active.
  • Given Hijikata is Male, anti-Male damage dealers are particularly effective (Euryale, Orion, Tamamo Lancer, Queen Medb). It is also possible to use anti-Male charmlock setups (Euryale/Stheno/Support Euryale or Tamamo-no-Mae) and curbstomp Hijikata before he can even deal damage.
  • Supports that provide NP charge are also useful. Since Hijikata will stack Buster/Crit Rate Up buffs and is likely to do highly damaging crits, it is best not to let him live too long and instead burst him down ASAP, which NP charge supports can be helpful with.
  • Soloing Hijikata is very much doable, as one can stack multiple copies of Wolves of Mibu on several lower leveled "meatshield" Servants (preferably Servants with Taunt), which will provide a stackable +50% (+100% MLB) damage boost that persists even after the "meatshield" Servant(s) are defeated.
  • For "meatshield" Servants, if no taunt skill is available (too low leveled, etc), one can also equip CEs with Target Focus effects, such as GUDAGUDA Poster Girl, Halloween Arrangement, and Outrage.
  • DPS Options are quite flexible given Hijikata's Berserker class. Having a DPS with survivability (Evade/Invincible) is useful to tide them over his NP turns.
  • For Masters intending to beat him the ol' fashioned way with a normal support + damage-dealer setup, Defense Up buffs, critical rate down buffs, and especially buff removal abilities are a great way to try and suppress Hijikata's critical damage potential.

Solo Advice

For the newer Masters especially - soloing this encounter is very possible and grants an all-important summon ticket.

Highly recommended to increase success rate: Atlas Academy Uniform (requires Okeanos completion), Georgios (lvl 25+), Mash (third skill unlocked in London) and to a lesser extent Benkei (lvl 25+). 

  • Any Masters can borrow the required solo Servant from a friend. With Hijikata being a Berserker, there are an immense amount of options available, from Cu (Alter) to Okita, to First Hassan. 
  • There is no need for honor, a friend with a grailed or NP upgraded 5* Cu (Alter) just makes things that much easier. Pick the strongest option to get that Summon Ticket and roll that Mapo Tofu!
  • Stacking Wolves of Mibu on sacrificial (taunting) Servants is ideal, with their effects boosting the soloing Servant's damage output. 
  • Start combat by successively taunting (one taunt at a time, wait for the taunter to die) Hijikata until only the solo Servant remains.
  • Use a combination of your Mystic Code's abilities and the Soloing Servant's survival skills to last long enough while breaking Hijikata's HP bars. The Atlas code reduces cooldowns and provides Invulnerability - it is ideal to get a 2nd round of survival skills in. 
  • If in doubt, simply try to copy the approach of some of the linked videos below. Don't be afraid to field more Wolves of Mibu and sacrificial Servants.
  • Bad luck? Simply try again until it works. The quest hardly costs AP - it only takes one successful attempt to get the ticket. 
  • Lastly, don't forget to use command seals if needed.

Special Servant Suggestions

  • For a "normal" composition, any good DPS will be able to do the trick. Servants such as Jeanne d'Arc (Alter), Altria (Archer), and so on, will of course be especially effective, but listing recommendations for each of them will simply fill the table with half the roster.
  • Instead, the table below will be mainly there to highlight anti-male potential, and what works especially well for new Master looking to solo the encounter.
  • Class Advantage DPS
    Anti-Male DPS
    Queen Medb
    Solo Servant Suggestions
    Cu Chulainn (Alter)King HassanOkita SoujiMiyamoto Musashi
    Taunt (with Survivability)

    Other Taunt Options (less Survivability)
    Other Support
    Buff Removal
    Miyamoto MusashiSaint MarthaMedeaTristanAvenger of ShinjukuIbaraki-DoujiAmakusa ShirouJack the RipperDiarmuid ua Duibhne
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