Revival: FGO Summer 2019 Part 2: Free Quests

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Article by NorseFTX
Revival: FGO Summer 2019 Part 2: Free Quests

Drop Rate Notes

Drop Rates are sourced from JP drop sheets:

If there is not sufficient drop data for specific materials, then drop rates for those are left blank.

The English FGO community also maintains a community drop rate sheet to crowdsource drop rate data as events progresses (maintained by the Atlas Academy)! More data is always appreciated; you can contribute [Here] ! The NA drop rate sheet is your best source for up to date Drop Rate information.

Area 1: Passage to the Future

Area 2: Route to Freedom

Area 3: Hall to Solution

Area 4: Road to Glory

Post-Main Quests

Basement (Area 1)
Basement (Area 2)
Basement (Area 3)
Basement (Area 4)
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