Revival: Da Vinci Event - Quick Farming Guide

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Free Quest Summary

  • A summary of Revival: Da Vinci Event Free Quests is shown below, with corresponding Event Currency drops, Enemy Classes, Ascension Material drops, and suggested Bonus CEs.
Quest Unlock Currency Enemy Class Materials Bonus CE
Novice (10AP) Day 1 Human Anatomy (False)Manuscript (True)Manuscript (Fake) True: Gold Assassin
Fake: Gold Caster
Gold SaberGold ArcherGold Lancer
Proof of Hero Art of DeathThe Scholars of Chaldea
Intermediate (20AP) Day 1 Self Portrait (False)Manuscript (True)Manuscript (Fake) True: Gold Caster
Fake: Gold Archer
Gold ArcherGold AssassinGold Saber
Dragon Fang Art of the Poisonous SnakeThe Scholars of Chaldea
Advanced (30AP) Day 1 Mona Lisa (False)Self Portrait (False)Human Anatomy (False)Manuscript (True)Manuscript (Fake) Gold ArcherGold Saber Eternal Gear The Scholars of ChaldeaGentle AffectionArt of the Poisonous SnakeArt of Death
Gold Berserker (40AP)
Day 1 Mona Lisa (False)Manuscript (True)Manuscript (Fake) Gold Berserker Claw of ChaosOctuplet Crystals Gentle AffectionThe Scholars of Chaldea
Gold Rider (40AP)
Day 2 Manuscript (True)Manuscript (Fake) Gold Rider Dragon's Reverse ScaleMeteor Horseshoe The Scholars of Chaldea
Gold Caster (40AP)
Day 3 Mona Lisa (False)Manuscript (True)Manuscript (Fake) Gold Caster Heart of the Foreign GodForbidden Page Gentle AffectionThe Scholars of Chaldea
Gold Lancer (40AP)
Day 4 Human Anatomy (False)Manuscript (True)Manuscript (Fake) Gold Lancer Warhorse's Young HornEvil Bone Art of DeathThe Scholars of Chaldea
Gold Assassin (40AP)
Day 5 Self Portrait (False)Manuscript (True)Manuscript (Fake) Gold Assassin Black Beast GreaseGhost Lantern Art of the Poisonous SnakeThe Scholars of Chaldea
Gold Archer (40AP)
Day 6 Mona Lisa (False)Self Portrait (False)Human Anatomy (False)Manuscript (True)Manuscript (Fake) Gold Archer Tearstone of BloodVoid's Dust The Scholars of ChaldeaGentle AffectionArt of the Poisonous SnakeArt of Death
Gold Saber (40AP)
Day 7 Mona Lisa (False)Manuscript (True)Manuscript (Fake) Gold Saber Spirit RootSeed of Yggdrasil Gentle AffectionThe Scholars of Chaldea
Louvre (40AP) Day 7 Manuscript (True)Manuscript (Fake) True: Gold Ruler
Fake: Gold Avenger
Gold SaberGold ArcherGold LancerGold RiderGold CasterGold AssassinGold Berserker
Heart of the Foreign GodVoid's Dust The Scholars of Chaldea

Should I farm True or Fake Manuscripts?

  • Overall, True Manuscripts are better value, as their lottery contains Mana Prisms and more gold EXP cards, while the Fake Manuscript lottery has Friend Points instead.
  • However, this also depends heavily on what "Item Hell" you find yourself in. Try to prioritize the Manuscript type with the Ascension Items that you need most for (skill) leveling your Servants.
  • It is still worth clearing the first 10 Grand Prizes for both boxes to get all copies of limited Event CEs and 4* Fous.
  • Selecting which lottery to farm can still depend on the type of Ascension Materials needed. A comparison of what is exclusive to each box is below. The full list of items in each lottery can be found on the Event Lottery page.

Exclusive Items in each Lottery

Prize Category Fake True
Grand Prizes Maiden Leading ChaldeaHero Crystal: Corona Fou - All The Merciless OneHero Crystal: Meteor Fou - All
Ascension Mats Forbidden PageSerpent JewelVoid's DustEvil Bone Meteor HorseshoeOctuplet CrystalsDragon FangProof of Hero
Monuments Rider MonumentCaster MonumentAssassin MonumentBerserker Monument
Rider PieceCaster PieceAssassin PieceBerserker Piece
Saber MonumentArcher MonumentLancer Monument
Saber PieceArcher PieceLancer Piece
Misc Friend Points Mana Prism
EXP Blaze of Wisdom (All) x25 Blaze of Wisdom (All) x30

Remember to Complete Daily Quests

  • All Daily Quests will only be available for 24 hours, and will disappear if not completed! Be sure to complete them once per day.

  • Masters can only choose one of the True or Fake manuscript dailies.

  • Equipping The Scholars of Chaldea The Scholars of Chaldea is suggested.

    • Note that both Maiden Leading Chaldea and The Merciless One (+100% True/Fake Enemies) have NO EFFECT in this quest! Enemies will still always be True or Fake based on the quest selected. These CEs do not need to be equipped.

Total Manuscripts from Daily Quests

Daily Quest Manuscripts Cumulative Total
I 50 50 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
II 70 120 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
III 120 240 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
IV 150 390 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
V 180 570 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
VI 200 770 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
VII 240 1010 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
VIII 280 1290 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
IX 320 1610 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
X 360 1970 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)

Best Farming Nodes by Day

  • Due to the time-gated nature of the Free Quests in Revival: Da Vinci and the 7 Counterfeit Heroic Spirits, the best farming area for each currency will vary by day as quests unlock.
  • A summary of the best farming areas that are available on each given day is listed below, as determined by AP efficiency.
Item Day Best Free Quest

Mona Lisa (False)
1-2 VecchioGold Berserker
3-6 CzartoryskiGold Caster
7 HermitageGold Saber

Self Portrait (False)
1-4 Intermediate
5-7 VaticanGold Assassin

Human Anatomy (False)
1-3 Novice
4-7 UffiziGold Lancer
1 VecchioGold Berserker
2-4 AmbrosianaGold Rider
5-6 VaticanGold Assassin
7 Louvre
Total Drops 1 Vecchio
2 Vecchio
AmbrosianaGold Rider
3 CzartoryskiGold Caster
4 UffiziGold Lancer
5 VaticanGold Assassin
6 GrazieGold Archer
7 GrazieGold Archer
Louvre [Boss Rush] w/ Manuscript +14 or higher (+7 True / +7 Fake is ok)

Drop Rate + APD Summary

The average drops per run, as well as AP per drop for each Free Quest can be found in the drop downs below.
Note the below are calculated with ZERO drop bonuses. For a more flexible calculator, check out the Revival: Da Vinci Event Calculator!

Average Drops / Run
Quest Total
Novice (10AP) 2.4 1.0 1.0 4.4
Intermediate (20AP) 5.0 2.2 2.2 9.4
Advanced (30AP) 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6 3.6 18
VecchioGold Berserker (40AP) 11.2 5.1 5.1 21.4
AmbrosianaGold Rider (40AP) 8.2 8.2 16.3
CzartoryskiGold Caster (40AP) 29.8 4.8 4.8 39.4
UffiziGold Lancer (40AP) 37.3 7.5 7.5 52.3
VaticanGold Assassin (40AP) 35.7 10 10 55.7
GrazieGold Archer (40AP) 17.6 14 14 12 12 69.6
HermitageGold Saber (40AP) 40 13.8 13.8 76.6
Louvre (40AP) 19.7 19.7 39.4
AP per Drop
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