Revival: Da Vinci Event - Daily Quests

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Article by NorseFTX
Revival: Da Vinci Event - Daily Quests
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  • All Daily Quests will only be available for 24 hours, and will disappear if not completed.
  • Each day, Masters can only choose one of True or Fake manuscript farming. Upon clearing one, the other Daily Quest will disappear.
  • For some considerations on deciding between True or Fake manuscript farming, check out the Quick Farming Guide!
  • Total possible manuscripts available from daily quests are listed below.
Daily Quest Manuscripts Cumulative Total
I 50 50 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
II 70 120 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
III 120 240 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
IV 150 390 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
V 180 570 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
VI 200 770 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
VII 240 1010 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
VIII 280 1290 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
IX 320 1610 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)
X 360 1970 Manuscript (True) / Manuscript (Fake)

Daily Quests

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