Rabbit's Reviews #276: Oda Nobukatsu (1* Archer)

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Rabbit's Reviews Nobukatsu
NA Release Date: 10/2022

Before I jump into the review, I want to preface this with an important PSA: Make sure to pull for NP5 Nobukatsu from the Friend Point gacha while GudaGuda 5 is running. Nobukatsu is a new bronze available in the FP pool, essentially functioning as Guda5’s welfare, but the game doesn’t really draw attention to the fact that he’s available. Don’t miss him—he’s super easy to get, but he’s not going to stick around past the event window.

With that out of the way… Nobukatsu! Pretty much since the original GudaGuda event, there’s been occasional idle speculation about the possibility of Nobukatsu popping up eventually as a 1* Servant. As of Guda5, it’s finally happened. Swapping a presumable SR welfare Servant for a bronze Servant might not sound like a great trade, but not only does Nobukatsu punch above his rarity (in terms of value), but he’s also arguably better off for being a 1*. Nobukatsu’s claim to fame is twofold: he provides absurdly powerful buffs to Nobunaga Servants, and (more importantly) he doubles as a long-awaited self-sacrificial support. Nobukatsu’s Nobu buffs are silly strong and he functions as something of a de facto buff to those three Servants, but even outside of that specific niche, he provides a lot of valuable utility that can help Buster teams get rolling a little faster without taking up a frontline support slot. His low rarity then translates to a low cost that makes him easy to slip into any Buster team for a little extra utility and makes him more flexible than he would be with the same kit at a higher rarity.

Being a bronze instead of a traditional welfare also means Nobukatsu gets three distinct sprites instead of the usual one. What’s not to like?

Servant Data


Magic Resistance D

Increase your Debuff Resist by 12.5%.

Independent Action C

Increase your Critical Strength by 6%.

Card Hits 3 3 2 4 -
Per Hit 0.75% 0.75% 0.75% 0.75% 0.75%
NP per Hit (%) 0.75%
NP when Attacked (%) 3%
Star Absorption 145
Star Generation per Hit 7.9%
Material Requirements
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm
Usage Tips
Grail Potential

Nobukatsu is an excellent addition to the game. He has a clear niche—supporting Nobus—and in that niche he’s absolutely phenomenal, to the point where there’s no reason not to bring him. Even outside of that niche, though, he has a unique role and enables legitimately strong Buster setups that weren’t possible before now. He may not be the SR welfare we were expecting, but in a very real sense he’s something better: a strong, cheap, unique Buster support, with great art to boot. Nobukatsu’s the real star of this event—his time in the sun was long-overdue.

Rabbit's Arbitrary Ratings

Overall: 9/10
Single-Target DPS: 1/10
Survivability: -10/10
Offensive Utility: 10/10
Defensive Utility: 7/10
Farming Usefulness: 3/10
Messing Around: 0/10

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