Rabbit's Reviews #264: Kijyo Koyo (4* Berserker)

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Rabbit's Reviews Kijyo Koyo
NA Release Date: 05/2022

Kijyo Koyo is a bit odd, even aside from the whole “is a dinosaur” thing. She’s an ST SR Buster Berserker, which immediately means she’s competing in a highly crowded field, and in practice she doesn’t really distinguish herself from her competition particularly effectively. That said, she has a lot working in her favor, ranging from crit access to passable bulk to remarkably high steroids relative to her competition. She’s sort of like a more modern Ibaraki with a low-ish floor and a very high ceiling—she’ll need high NP levels and lots of support in order for her strengths to let her outshine her competition, but at the higher end she’s among the better Servants in her field.

Servant Data


Madness Enhancement A

Increase your Buster Card effectiveness by 10%.

Magic Resistance C

Increase your Debuff Resist by 15%.

Card Hits 3 3 3 5 10
Per Hit 0.85% 0.85% 0.85% 0.85% 0.85%
NP per Hit (%) 0.85%
NP when Attacked (%) 5%
Star Absorption 9
Star Generation per Hit 4.9%
Material Requirements
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm
Usage Tips
Grail Potential

Koyo has a pretty solid kit with some nice high-end potential. Her biggest drawbacks have more to do with the competition than with Koyo herself. Even with better steroids, Koyo’s low-ish attack means she has roughly the same NP5 damage as ‘Zerker Jalter, who is, of course, free. This makes it hard to recommend Koyo for nuking—and even for players who missed Jalter, Lu Bu exists. She’s not all that great for sustained fights, either—not bad, just not amazing—which leaves her in something of a no man’s land. Her high persistent steroids are appealing and all, but ultimately she just doesn’t really stand out from her competition.

Rabbit's Arbitrary Ratings

Overall: 7/10
Single-Target DPS: 9/10
Survivability: 4/10
Offensive Utility: 1/10
Defensive Utility: 3/10
Farming Usefulness: 2/10
Dinosaur: 10/10