Section 5: Chiron the Sage's Combat Exercise (Revival)

AP Cost 5
Bond Points 415
QP 4,400
Quest EXP 5,690
Quest Type Main

Quest Overview

For all battles of this chapter:

  • At the start of each turn, gain 20 Critical Stars
  • In the 3rd arrow, all Avicebron's Golems have a Permanent, Unremovable buff Destroy Booster: Grants "Noble Phantasm Damage Up"

Enemy Details

Part 1
Guest Servant: Astolfo
Part 2
Guest Servant: Siegfried
Part 3
Guest Servant: Mordred

Quest Drops

Hippoplushie x1 800.0% Pt 1
Hippoplushie x2 100.0% Pt 1
Fragment of the Iliad x1 800.0% Pt 2
Fragment of the Iliad x2 100.0% Pt 2
Sage's Chalk x1 800.0% Pt 3
Sage's Chalk x2 100.0% Pt 3

Quest Reward