Section 29: A Certain Prophecy (2/9)

AP Cost 5
Bond Points 1830
QP 188,000
Quest EXP 76,380
Quest Type Main

Quest Overview

  • Master must defend the Storm Border in this battle. The Storm Border has a HP Bar that can receive damage from Albion's Remnant. If the Storm Border's HP reaches 0, the battle is considered lost. Altria (Caster) Noble Phantasm can affect and protect the Storm Border. 
  • NPC Altria (Caster) will be in the starting lineup. There can only be one Altria (Caster) in the starting lineup, and Percival cannot be deployed. 
  • NPC Altria (Caster) is at Level 120, has NP Level 5, Skill Level 10/10/10 and is equipped with a custom Craft Essence that grant 50% Starting NP Gauge and increase NP Generation by 50%. 
  • The following effect will trigger every 3 turn as long as NPC Altria (Caster) is on the field:
    • Child of Prophecy: Increase all allied Servants' NP Gauge by 30% and Attack by 20% (3 turn).
  • After every 5 turns, the following effect will trigger:
    • Percival Support - "I will get her attention!": Cause Albion's Remnant to take no action that turn. 

Enemy Details

Part 1
Guest Servant: Altria Caster
Grand Battle 1/1
Enemies Class HP Lvl
Albion's Remnant
  • Battle Start:
    • Dragon Fire: At the end of each turn, gain a stack of [Dragon Soul] (5 turns). Increase own Attack by 10% x amount of [Dragon Soul] stacks and Noble Phantasm Damage by 20% x amount of [Dragon Soul] stacks. Grant Damage Cut equal to 500 x amount of [Dragon Soul] stacks. 
410,589 90
Albion's Remnant
  • Break Skill:
    • "Damage: Small. Action: Evasion Maneuver": Grant Evasion (5 times, Unremovable] status to self. Increase own Critical Rate by 20% [Permanent, Unremovable].
310,222 90
Albion's Remnant
  • Break Skill:
    • "Damage: Heavy. Target: Enemy Flying Object": Increase own NP Bar by 10. Increase own Defense by 20% [Permanent, Unremovable].
205,294 90
Albion's Remnant
  • Break Skill:
    • "Damage: Extensive. Damage: Extensive...": Immediately end the battle. 
91,242 90

Quest Drops

Quest Reward