Section 28: A Fight to the Death! Beach Volleyball! (Day 6) (Noon) (Revival)

AP Cost 5
Bond Points 465
QP 4,900
Quest EXP 7,815
Quest Type Main

Quest Overview

  • This quest will be unlocked upon reaching 800,000 total points.

  • NPC Robin Hood (Swimsuit) is Lv80 NP5 10/10/10; CE: Lv20 Sunset Jam.

  • NPC Ushiwakamaru (Assassin) is Lv80 NP4 8/8/-; CE: Lv20 Raging Wind.

Enemy Details

Part 1
Guest Servant: Robin Hood
Fatal Battle 1/1
Enemies Class HP Lvl
76,744 70
Cu Chulainn

Upon Break: Protection from Arrows B: Increase own DEF (3 turns). Apply Evade to self (3 times).

101,590 75
91,128 70

Quest Drops

Quest Reward