Section 20: The Tumultuous Land (3/3)

AP Cost 24
Bond Points 1770
QP 182,000
Quest EXP 71,070
Quest Type Main

Quest Overview

Field Effect: Deal 2,500 damage to Slaughter Hunters each turn. No damage dealt to Minotaur.
A more indepth guide for this encounter can be found in the link below.

Third Wave Start Dialogue

Minotaur: Hee hee hee...scared...? Of're...scared... I'm...gonna...EAT YOU!

Dialogue - Defeat Minotaur

Minotaur: Why...argh,'s not...fair...not

Enemy Details

Part 1
Guest Servant: Beowulf
Guest Servant: Atalante (Alter)
Battle 1/2
Enemies Class HP Lvl
17,991 44
19,006 45
22,554 46
Fatal Battle 2/2
Enemies Class HP Lvl

Active Buff: Dark Aspirations: Increase own NP Gauge by 2 each turn. [Cannot be removed]
Same skills & NP as Asterios

334,805 75

Upon Break: Minotaur's NP Gauge permanent buff is removed.

353,068 75

Quest Drops

Quest Reward