Section 14: Lostbelt (2/2)

AP Cost 25
Bond Points 1790
QP 184,000
Quest EXP 72,820
Quest Type Main

Quest Overview

At the start of the 2nd wave, the enemy Master, Kadoc, will appear and use his first skill. He can use any of his other skills during subsequent turns.

Enemy Details

Part 1
Battle 1/2
Enemies Class HP Lvl
65,330 48
65,330 48
65,330 48
Fatal Battle 2/2
Enemies Class HP Lvl
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova

Upon Entry: Enemy Master Skill 1: Speed up! "Accelerated Course"!: Increase NP Gauge for Anastasia by 2 each turn. [Cannot be removed]
Enemy Master Skill 2: There's our opening! "Phantasmal Field"!: Increase Anastasia's NP Resist (3 turns).
Enemy Master Skill 3: Course correction! "Mana Cleanse"!: Remove all debuffs from Anastasia. Increase Anastasia's Debuff Resist by 20% (3 turns).

412,090 88

Quest Drops

Quest Reward