Section 12: You, Who Was Like the Spring Sunshine (4/5)

AP Cost 25
Bond Points 1830
QP 188,000
Quest EXP 76,380
Quest Type Main

Quest Overview

  • NPC Napoleon or NPC Brynhildr must be fielded on the frontline for this battle. Depending on which NPC Servant is chosen as the Support Servants, different effect will occur over the course of the battle:
    • If Brynhild is chosen, Napoleon will provide [Artillery Support] from the sidelines: Deal 5,000 damage to all enemies at the end of each turn.
    • If Napoleon is chosen, Brynhild will provide [Primordial Rune] from the sidelines: Decrease Critical Rate of all enemies [20%, Permanent, Unremovable] and Increase Critical Star Drop Rate of all allies [100%, Permanent, Unremovable]
  • NPC Napoleon is at level 80, has NP Level 4 and all skills at level 10/10/8.
  • NPC Brynhildr is at level 80, has NP Level 4 and all skills at level 10/10/8.

Enemy Details

Part 1
Guest Servant: Napoleon
Guest Servant: Brynhild
Fatal Battle 1/1
Enemies Class HP Lvl


  • Skills:
    • Primordial Rune: Increase Quick cards effectiness [30%, 3 turns] and NP Damage [20%, 3 turns]
    • Swan Mystic Code: Grant Evade [1 time, 3 turns], Debuff Nullification [1 time, 3 turns] and Damage Cut [1,000, 3 times, 3 turns] to self
    • Blessing of the Warrior Maiden: Increase Sigurd's Critical Rate by 20% (3 turns).
  • Noble Phantasm: Ragnarok Lifthrasir: Apply Sure Hit to self [1 turn] and deal damage to all enemies with 50% of inflicting Instant Death.
124,072 90


  • Skill Upon Break:
    • Prepare Synchronization: Increase NP Gauge of all of her allies by 1.
193,862 90
  • Battle Start:
    • Dragon Black Spot: Increase Critical Strength by 50% [Permanent, Unremovable]
    • Mental Debuff Immune: Apply Mental Debuff Immune [Permanent, Unremovable]
  • Skills:
    • Primordial Rune (Warrior) B: Increase Critical Strength by 100% [3 times, 3 turns]
    • Dragonkind Modification EX: Increase Buster Card effectiveness by 50% (1 turn) and Apply Guts status to self [1,000 HP, 1 time, 3 turns]
  • Noble Phantasm: Bolverkr Gram: Deal damage to an enemy. Deal bonus damage to enemy with [Dragon] trait.
167,700 90
  • Upon Break:
    • Demonic Sword Quickening: Increase NP Gauge by 1 and Increase NP Damage by 50% (1 time)
223,600 90

Quest Reward