Osakabehime Interlude 1: Hikkikomori Milky Way

AP Cost
Bond Points
Quest EXP
Quest Type Interlude

Enemy Details

Part 3
Fatal Battle 1/1
Enemies Class HP Lvl

Possesses a Special Buff (cannot be removed) that grant her extremely high damage resistance. Normal attack will do very minimum damage.

There are certain ways to inflict damage on her. Below are good examples of Servants or Craft Essences that can help Masters against Osakabehime

  • Damage over Time:
    • Burn: Gawain, Kiyohime, Tomoe Gozen
    • Poison: Hassan of the Serenity, Shuten-Douji
    • Curse: Zhuge Liang, Elisabeth Bathory
  • Buster Chain: Preferably Berserker with triple Buster deck
  • Passive / Craft Essences that grant flat bonus damage:
    • Servants with Divinity and Core of Goddess
    • Craft Essences: Jack o'Lantern, Land of Shadow's Crimson Lotus, Vivid Dance of Fist, Covering Fire, Catena
36,389 60

Quest Drops

Quest Reward

Osakabehime Skill Upgrade: Morph A+ to Four Gods Divination (Hakuro) A

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