Mysterious Izō O

AP Cost 5
Bond Points 815
QP 8,400
Quest EXP 29,690
Quest Type Event

Quest Overview

  • Unlocked after clearing Mission 25. 
  • NPC Sakamoto Ryouma (Lancer) is at Level 90, has NP Level 3, Skill Level 8/8/8 and is equipped with the Craft Essence Geisha Dancing with Flowers.

Enemy Details

Part 1
Fatal Battle 1/1
Enemies Class HP Lvl
Okada Izo
  • Battle Start:
    • [The Meiji Restoration Club Is Full of Smiles!]: Increase own Critical Rate by 40% [Permanent, Unremovable].
238,788 70
Okada Izo
  • Break Skill:
    • [Shinbei, Give Me The Strength To Clear My Debts!]: 
      • Increase own Critical Damage by 100% [3 turns, 3 times, Unremovable].
      • Gained a Delayed Buff [Permanent, Unremovable] that trigger the following effect after 2 turns: Inflict Skill Seal (2 turns) on an enemy 
305,118 70

Quest Drops