Heaven's Feel Mimicry (Saber) - Evil Dragon (Revival)

AP Cost 40
Bond Points 815
QP 8,400
Quest EXP 29,690
Quest Type Free

Quest Overview

At the beginning of the battle, Heaven's Feel Mimicry will use Replicating Summoning to spawn either Siegfried or Mordred, each will drop different items:

  • Siegfried: Afternoon in the Citadel, Dragon's Reverse Scale, Deadly Poisonous Needle
  • Mordred: Heading Toward Trifas, Spirit Root, Dragon Fang

Enemy Details

Part 1
Fatal Battle 1/1
Enemies Class HP Lvl

Pseudo-Divine: Increase own damage dealt. [Unremovable]
Gold Mistletoe: Increase own Critical Rate (5 turns). [Unremovable]

Alternate Spawns

Level: 71
HP: 272,314
274,120 90
Heaven's Feel Mimicry - Gold Saber

Active Buff: Attack Mimicry: Increase own ATK (3 turns) when hit by attacks (3 turns). [Unremovable]

406,647 85

Quest Drops

An Afternoon at the Fortress An Afternoon at the Fortress x1 1.5%
At Trifas At Trifas x1 0.8%
Fran's Flower Fran's Flower x1 3.3%
Dragon's Reverse Scale x1 8.2%
Spirit Root x1 8.2%
Deadly Poisonous Needle x1 37.7%
Dragon Fang x1 33.0%
Saber Monument x1 60.3%
Saber Piece x1 29.5%
Dracul Coin x3000 282.1%
Dracul Coin x6000 100.0%
Hippoplushie x3 1000.0%
Hippoplushie x5 196.2%
QP x300000 46.2%
QP x400000 51.3%
QP x500000 75.6%
QP x490000 100.0%

Quest Reward