Cooking Course I - Leave It to The Professional Taste Testers

AP Cost
Bond Points 315
QP 3,400
Quest EXP 2,190
Quest Type Event

Quest Overview

  • Consume 1 Merry Cider, 10 Rich Butter and 10 Sweet Eggs to play.

    Enemy Details

    Part 1
    Fatal Battle 1/1
    Enemies Class HP Lvl
    67,715 36
    Mysterious Heroine XX
    • Battle Start:
      • "You Don't Mind If I Taste It Until I'm Full, Right?": Grant Evasion [5 times, Unremovable] to self. 
    83,130 24

    Quest Reward

    Servant Coin x20

    Saint Martha (Santa) Servant Coins

    Divine Leyline Spiritron x5