Act 7: "Let's Make a Giant Authentic Christmas Cake!" (2/3)

AP Cost 5
Bond Points 615
QP 6,400
Quest EXP 15,690
Quest Type Event

Quest Overview

  • Master must deploy Saint Martha (Santa) as part of the starting lineup. 
  • All NPC Servants are at Level 80, have NP Level 3, Skill Level 8/8/8 and are equipped with the Craft Essence Holy Heart.
  • At the start of the battle, the following effect will trigger:
    • Ingredient Special Attack: Increase Saint Martha (Santa) and the NPC Support Servant (if chosen) Damage by 30% [Permanent, Unremovable].

Enemy Details

Part 1
Guest Servant: EMIYA
Guest Servant: Boudica
Guest Servant: Tamamo Cat
Guest Servant: Percival
Fatal Battle 1/1
Enemies Class HP Lvl
Cake-Shaped Demon God Pillar
  • Battle Start:
    • Sweet Body: Increase own Defense by 10%. Recover enemy attacking by 300 HP [Demerit]. [Permanent, Unremovable]
  • Special Skill:
    • Travailler: Remove all Defensive buffs from all enemies. Reduce their Defense by 20% (3 turns). 
    • Glacage: Grant Debuff Immunity (3 times, 3 turns) to self. 
    • Decoration: Grant Invulnerability (3 times) to self. 
  • Noble Phantasm:
    • Calorie Bomber: Deal damage to all enemies. 50% chance to inflict Instant Death on them. Increase all enemies HP Recovery by 50% (Demerit, 3 turns). 
87,715 19
Cake-Shaped Demon God Pillar
  • Break Skill:
    • Tempting Fragrance: 30% chance to inflict Charm (1 turn) to all enemies. Decrease all enemies' Attack by 30% (3 turns). 
109,644 19
Cake-Shaped Demon God Pillar
  • Break Skill:
    • Bon Appetit: Increase own NP Bar to max. 
120,608 19

Quest Reward