Act 1: The Bodyguard in Port Town

AP Cost 5
Bond Points 115
QP 1,400
Quest EXP 275
Quest Type Event

Quest Overview

  • All NPC Servants are at Level 80, have NP Level 3, Skill Level 8/8/8 and are equipped with the Craft Essence Hot Chocolate.

Enemy Details

Part 1
Guest Servant: Medusa (Lancer)
Fatal Battle 1/1
Enemies Class HP Lvl
Black Titan - Gold Caster
  • Battle Start:
    • ??? Absorption: When damaged, reduce the attacker Max HP, remove any Guts status from them, and grant Damage Plus to self (3 turns)
13,828 11
Black Titan - Gold Caster
  • Break Skill
    • ??? Super Absorption: Remove all offensive buffs from all enemies and grant 2,000 HP Recovery to self every turn (5 turns). 
17,285 11

Quest Drops

Quest Reward