180th Floor: An Oni Presence - The Climber of the 80th Floor

AP Cost 1
Bond Points 915
QP 9,400
Quest EXP 38,190
Quest Type Free

Quest Overview

Enemy Details

Part 1
Fatal Battle 1/1
Enemies Class HP Lvl
Francis Drake

Warmed-Up Female Pirate

  • Bring In More Alcohol: At the beginning of the battle, Francis Drake will:
    • Lower Art Resist of all enemies (including her) by 30% (Permanent)
    • Grant her a delayed buff "Bring Me More Booze" with the following effects: At the end of every turn, increase Critical Damage of all enemies by 20% (Last 3 turns, Unremovable). This effect can stack.
  • Alcohol That Burns Going Down: Upon Break, increase her Critical Damage by 20% (Permanent, Unremovable)
186,525 88
Francis Drake

Warmed-Up Female Pirate

248,700 88
Anne Bonny & Mary Read (Archer)

Toasty Female Pirates

169,820 85
Jing Ke

Dangers of Hot Springs Sake

153,870 90

Quest Reward

QP x4000000