QoL Changes 4/23 (BB Strikes Back Update)

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Gameplay Updates

Back Button during Card Selection

  • A "Back" button has been added to the Command Phase (Command Card Selection screen).
  • Now Masters can return to the Tactical Phase to select any skills they may have forgotten to use (without having to restart the app)!
  • With this change, Critical Stars will now be distributed during the Tactical Phase (Skill Selection) instead of during the Command Phase.
  • Additional notes for this update from the news announcement:
  • Critical Star distribution will not change upon return to the Tactical Phase from the Command Phase. However, when skills that increase Critical Star accumulation or Master Skills like "Order Change" or "Command Shuffle" that affect the distribution of stars or Command Cards are used, Critical Stars will be redistributed.
  • If you have accumulated more than 50 Critical Stars, the number left over after distribution will be displayed in gray. Please note that these stars will NOT carry over to the next turn.
  • When a skill that grants Critical Stars is used, newly gained stars will be distributed on top of the already distributed Critical Stars. This indirectly makes Instinct skills stronger by allowing Masters to decide whether using Instinct is necessary based on the current Star distribution!
  • When a skill that consumes Critical Stars is used, stars will be consumed first from any excess, then from stars distributed to Command Cards.

Drag Selection

  • It is now possible to drag and hold to quickly select multiple cards on the Servant/CE Enhancement, Second Archive, and Burning screens!
    • Note that Servants who are in a party are not drag selectable.
    • Locked or Selected Servants and Craft Essences are also not drag selectable except on the Second Archive screen.
  • Max number of selectable cards per screen:
    • Craft Essence Enhancement (Maximum of 20)
    • Servant Enhancement (Maximum of 20)
    • Burning (Selling) (Maximum of 99)
    • Second Archive (Maximum of 99)

Automatic Burning for Friend Point Summoning

  • When doing Friend Point Summoning, now it is possible to auto-burn lower rarity CEs/EXP Cards/Fous! This helps reduce the pain of mass Friend Point summoning when trying to get that 3* Event CE.
  • Notes on Auto-Burn:
    • Servants not eligible for Auto-Burn.
    • If Max Mana Prisms/QP has been reached while Auto-Burn is enabled, a dialog box will ask to consume Mana Prisms or QP before summoning.
    • Auto-Burn starts with all settings off by default.
    • Any new CEs received during Friend Summoning will be recorded to the Material Archive even if they are Auto-Burned.

Equipped Craft Essences can be Burned/Used as EXP

  • Now it is possible to Burn or use currently equipped CEs as EXP fodder without having to unequip them first.
  • An extra dialogue box will confirm that you will want to Burn/use an equipped CE.
  • Locked or Selected CEs still cannot be Burned or used as EXP fodder.

Interlude/Rank Up Quests Accessible in Servant Status Page

  • Interlude and Rank Up Quests can now be found and accessed directly from a Servant's "Status" tab in their details screen.

Party Setup Functions Added

  • Copy Party: An entire party lineup can now be copied to another slot.
  • Clear All & Reset Party Name: Will reset all party slots and names back to default.

Present Box Filter Added

  • When choosing to "Receive All" presents from the Present Box, it is now possible to filter by category to choose to only collect all items of a specific type!

"First Noble Phantasm Use at Normal Speed" option added

  • A new option has been added to the "Game Options" menu that will make all Noble Phantasms run at normal speed when used for the first time, even when the battle speed is set to high.
  • This option is on by default.
  • "First Use" counts starting from this update's implementation.

Servant-specific Noble Phantasm speed options added

  • Now the speed of Noble Phantasms can be set for each individual Servant from the Servant Status screen.
  • Settings:
    • Default: Battle Speed settings will be used.
    • Always Normal: Servant's Noble Phantasm will always run at normal speed, regardless of Battle Speed settings.
    • Always High: Servant's Noble Phantasm will always run at high speed, regardless of Battle Speed settings.

UI Improvements

Bronze Servants - Updated Background Art

  • Low Rarity Servants (Bronze: 1* and 2*) will have updated background graphics for their Saint Graphs!
  • Affected Servants:
Class Rarity Servants

Change Icon Sizes in Servant and CE Screens

  • A new Icon Display Size button will be added that allows for more cards to be displayed on the screen.
  • Adjustable Icon Display Size is possible on the following screens:
    • [Formation] Party Formation (Servant/Craft Essence selection)
    • [Formation] Support Formation (Servant/Craft Essence selection)
    • [Formation] Spirit Origin List (Servants/Craft Essences)
    • [Formation] Second Archive (Servants/Craft Essences)
  • [My Room] Spirit Origin List (Servants/Craft Essences)

Inventory Display button added to Battle Results screen

  • When on the Item Drop Rewards screen of a quest, a button has been added that displays the total number currently owned for each item dropped.

"Previous Quest" icon added to Quest Board

  • An icon will be displayed on the quest board for the previously played quest.