Oniland (Halloween 2020) - Tier List Change Log

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  • Note that Tier Placements are an average of tier score votes among all Staff, and do not represent a single staff member's opinions, but are a combination of all staff involved.
  • Staff involved during this tier discussion are:
    • NorseFTX
    • TrubotheDwarf
    • WhiteRabbit
    • Chrislexa (Dathedr)
    • Meliran
    • Rathilal
    • Ceui

New Tier List Placements

  • New Servants are introduced in the latest event! Their tier placement is detailed below.

5 Star Servants

Tier B

Sitonai is the less common Alter Ego class, and primarily is a single-target Arts damage dealer. She comes with a 30% NP Gauge charge at max skill level, which will help her quickly unleash her Noble Phantasm to remove an unwanted Cavalry or Foreigner-class enemy. Her NP has bonus effects of decreasing DEF and Critical Rate, along with decrease NP Charge for [Dragon] trait enemies, providing a bit of situational stall utility. In addition, she can increase her own Attack and provide Stars (albeit chance-based), increase her own Arts Card effectiveness and grant herself Debuff Immunity (not chance-based). Finally, she has a hard survival option in the form of 1 turn of Invincibility, and a bonus minor Damage Cut effect for all allies. Taken together, she has a decent kit, hampered mainly by her class typing, which ends up making her less than optimal for most situations aside from Foreigner class enemies, as the Alter Ego damage multiplier against Cavalry is only x1.5 rather than x2.

4 Star Servants

Tier B

Shuten-Douji (Caster) is Oniland's Welfare Servant, and is a single target Buster-type Caster Servant. By courtesy of her Welfare status, she can reach max NP levels easily, and her NP hits hard. As an added bonus, her NP poisons the enemy and applies Sure Hit before damage, making sure that Evade skills will not pose a problem (which tend to be frequent for Assassins, a common target for her). Her skill kit provides stalling in the form of NP Seal, and damage mitigation in the form of a Critical Rate debuff. She also provides an ATK bonus to all allies. Otherwise, the rest of her abilities buff herself, including Buster, Arts, Crit Star Gather Rate, and Anti-[Demonic] special damage buffs, helping to increase her damage output. Unfortunately, her 13-hit NP is Buster-type, meaning none of the NP hits are capable of generating NP gauge refund, which is the primarily difficulty of running Shuten-Douji (Caster). Her NP Gain woes are partially mitigated by her 3-Arts Card deck, although NP looping will be a difficulty for her without a great deal of support. Additionally, she has zero hard defensive options, and may have trouble staying on the field without defensive support when faced with enemy NPs.

Tier List Movements

  • By courtesy of helpful feedback from the community, many Servants were brought up again for discussion for tier placements.
  • A summary of the Tier Movements for existing Servants is below; this includes all Servants that were brought up for discussion (even if they did not end up changing tiers).

5 Star Servants

Tier B -> A

Shuten-Douji is an AoE Arts Assassin Servant, one of the rarer types, and with her NP Upgrade, is the hardest-hitting AoE Assassin in the roster as of this writing. She has a strong kit of supportive effects in addition, providing AoE DEF down, ATK Up, and Charm effects, along with a myriad of debuffs tied to her Noble Phantasm. Her largest liability is arguably the amount of time required to build NP Gauge, partially remedied by her third skill's upgrade. Despite having an Arts NP, she has some difficulty looping her NP due to it having only a single hit. However, given solid support and great damage for her class, she ends up as a solid A.

Tier A+ -> A+

Ozymandias was discussed regarding whether his placement may be too high, and was particularly given consideration in relation to Quetzalcoatl. The consensus was that a party-wide 20% NP Charge, totaling 60% effective NP Gauge, is an extremely powerful and flexible tool, given that NPs themselves are extremely powerful options, and even more so when multiple Servants have them available. The consensus was that although Quetzalcoatl has arguably higher burst and greater critical damage potential than Ozymandias, the flexibility provided by the full party NP Charge, combined with his own innate solid NP Gain and support / durability options, give him just a slight edge.
When it comes to Mano a Mano, one versus one, however, Quetzalcoatl shines. She still comes with very solid support options with party Attack and Buster support; she just isn't about unlocking allies' Noble Phantasms. Quetzalcoatl quite firmly deserves a spot in A tier.

Tier A -> A

(See the above explanation for Ozymandias; Both excellent Riders were considered against one another during this discussion, and tier placement did not change. The explanation is above.)

4 Star Servants

Tier E -> D

Stheno has received two of her upgrades that increase her viability: Her supportive [Divine] attack bonus (for a +40% ATK total for Divine allies), as well as the buff removal effect on her NP Upgrade. Her performance has now improved sufficiently for the staff to agree unanimously on moving her up from the bottom tier. She still is most effective in VS Male Charm / Stall compositions, particularly in the 2x Euryale + Stheno team. However, the upgrades lend her some usage as support or for buff removal utility in additional situations that she could not be used in before.

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