Nerofest 2019 Walkthrough

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  • Nerofest has returned, this time with Nero's Olympic Bloomers up for grabs!
  • This event features three rounds: Qualifiers, Main Event, and Finals. Each round features 6 levels of difficulty.
  • In general, each of the rounds are isomorphic to one another in terms of currency drops, so there is no need to prioritize one node in one round over the same level difficulty node in the next round.
  • This walkthrough is purely for the lottery and farming side of the event and more of FAQ than a walkthrough at that. See our Exhibition Quest guide for help with the Exhibition Quests.
  • There will be a lottery available! Each spin of the lottery takes 2 or 20 to roll 10 times.
  • The first 5 boxes will reward . The 6th will award Nero's costume dress, and the 7th-10th a Corono (4* Attack) Fou.
  • Lottery events are amazing opportunities to farm large amounts of base resources like QP, Mana Prisms, Experience and some specific monster materials. These are the events in which you empty your stock of apples!


Step Instructions Drops Suggested CEs
1 Roll the Friend Point Gacha to acquire copies of .
2 The first main objective is to purchase all from the Event Shop.
3 Find the Free Quest List here, the nodes change after as the event progresses. Run the 10 AP Novice node only once for quest completion. Bring .
4 Run the 20 AP Intermediate node only once for quest completion. Bring .
5 Run the 30 AP Advanced node only once for quest completion. Bring .
6 Run the 40 AP Hero Level nodes until you have acquired 600 . Prioritize for Gold Medal Bonus.
7 Now run the 40 AP Expert level node until you have both 300 and 300 . In general, a Master will want to prioritize bringing .
8 Run 40 AP Conqueror level nodes to acquire with which to roll the lottery.
9 Masters who wish to buy out (part of the) Event Shop should farm Nero Medals via step 6 and then 7, farming last.

Medal Calculator

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Farming FAQ

How does the Lottery work?

  • Complete any of the Tournament Quests to acquire Crimson Petals.
  • Equip Cheer for Master (the Nero Medal shop Craft Essence) to improve the drop rate of Crimson Petals.
  • Using 2 Crimson Petals in the Crimson Petal Roulette Shop(lottery) will grant 1 of 300 prizes. There will now be 299 prizes left in the lottery. 
  • The lottery thus gradually empties out of all available prizes.
  • The lottery also includes 1 grand prize: The Craft Essence Two Gods Three Legs.
  • This Craft Essence is highly recommended for the Exhibition Quests. 
  • By winning the Grand Prize, an option to reset the lottery to refresh all the prizes will be available.
  • The process then starts anew.
  • After 5 completed lotteries, the Grand Prize will instead be a Nero's new Costume, then 4 rounds of 4* ATK fous.
  • The shop can still be reset, but Masters will need to clear out all available prizes, plus golden and silver apples will disappear from the lottery and Masters will start to run out of AP or time...eventually. 

Should I reset the lottery early?

Short Answer: Usually only when there are very few prizes left. Unless the Master is pressed for time, try to extract all valuables from the lottery first.

Long Answer: If the lottery has been cleared of all valuables, the lottery can be reset early to save a bit of AP on the first 10 resets. Make sure to extract the following before resetting:

  • All Golden and Silver Apples
  • All the Secret Skill Gems
  • All Forbidden Pages, Great Knight Medals, Proofs of Hero, and Fool's Chains (depending on stock of materials for these)
  • The 500.000 QP Prize

At the end of the day, every Master is going to have to make this call on their own depending on what the average return is on the prizes that are left. 

Should I use apples on this event?

Short Answer: Yes! Use them all! The next events, celebration campaigns, and so on will replenish your apple stock. Lottery events are too good to pass up.

Longer Answer: Lottery events are among the most lucrative events in the game. The main advantage of lottery-type events is that the farming potential is infinite. While shops have a limited amount of materials to sell, lotteries can be spun again, and again and again. For the diligent apple hoarders, rainbow apple eaters and farming machines, lotteries can supply enough experience, QP and Mana Prisms to last half a year or longer!

The most lucrative lotteries are those with skill gems as in the long run, as (Secret) skill gems form one of the largest material shortages. Furthermore, unlike the Christmas lottery or the Da Vinci lottery in the next 6 months, there is no need wait with farming until the last day of the event when the best nodes open. This event has the best nodes available immediately.

(Tip: Keep some of the bronze apples from the lottery to use before going to sleep, work, and so on. The 10 AP can help empty the AP bar completely.)

Should I farm monster materials during this event?

Short Answer: No, the normal drop rates are rather bad in general for this event. Focus on the currencies.

Longer Answer: Going out of the way to farm particular materials in this event is a bad idea, but farming a particular currency type while picking up some extra, highly needed, monster materials is not a bad idea. For example, for Masters in need of Hearts of the Foreign God, grinding your heart out in the Finals period is highly recommended. 

Some noteworthy drops & maps:


  • Expert difficulty has a chance for (meh - 16%) Claw of Chaos and lackluster (42.6%) chance for Poisonous Needles.
  • Hero difficulty has a chance for (decent - 19.6%) Cursed Beast Gallstones, a chance for (passable - 32.4%) Phoenix Feathers and a (low - 13.8%) chance for Secret Berserker Gems.
  • Champion difficulty has the relatively low value Mystic Scarab (18.6%) as a drop, but does appear to have an excellent Secret Archer Gem rate (36%!) and a (bad -35.4) Serpent Jewel drop rate. 

Main Event:

  • Champion difficulty has a (decent - 22%) chance for Mysterious Divine Wine, a chance for (meh - 35%) Meteor Horshoe and a (decent - 29%) chance for Secret Rider Gems. 


  • Hero difficulty has a lackluster chance for Primordial Lanugo (20%), but also comes with a passable Octuplet Crystal (26%) rate and a small chance for Secret Rider Gems (13.3%). 
  • Champion difficulty yields Forbidden Pages (34.5% - but also in the lottery), Hearts of the Foreign God (20.9%),  and Secret Caster Gems (30.6%) at altogether rather good rates. 

Should I clear the Nero Medal Shop?

Note: It is extremely likely, especially after Summer 2019 has emptied out wallets and savings, that Masters will find it extremely difficult to find MLB gacha CEs or have access to gacha CEs in general to farm with!

Short Answer: Farming the Event Shop without gacha CEs is efficient, but is not that effective compared to simply clearing out more lottery boxes. Prioritize the items needed most and forego some of the more common event shop items to farm more Crimson Petals instead. Obviously make sure to buy the Event CE as it is needed for farming Crimson Petals.

Longer Answer: What a Master needs varies from Master to Master. In general however, the following materials should really be bought from the shop. Anything not mentioned can be skipped unless there's a large immediate need. Since the lottery yields incredible amount of FP, farming Bronze Nero Medals should be relatively easier, but grinding Silver/Gold Nero Medals can be chore with few (MLB) gacha CEs on the support list. 

Buy the following:

  • Bronze Nero Medals: The Fous and Void Dust (never enough of those) - consider clearing it out if you rolled many 3* Event CEs though.
  • Silver Nero Medals: The 4* Fou.
  • Golden Nero Medals:  The 4* Fou and Crystalized Lore at least.

I am struggling to clear the event quests, should I farm with Two Gods Three Legs CE?

If struggling, it is better to equip the strongest Servant in the team with the Two Gods Three Legs CE and comfortably clear the quest than risk losing the quest. Furthermore, running a more difficult quest is worth the loss in efficiency regardless.

Besides, increasing farm speed is highly preferably for many Masters. There are plenty of Master who prefer clearing faster to clearing with the maximum amount of bonus drop CEs.