MMM - Saliciously Shirtless Swordsman Spectically Suspected, Suddenly Surfaces Spectacularly, Swordsmith Senji (New Year 2021)

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Happy New Year, y’all! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful and safe set of celebrations harkening in our new, non-palindromic, year, as well as enjoying all the new announcements and content provided by Type-Moon.


And by that, of course, I mean the Tsukihime remake. Being able to kill three memes in one broadcast is impressive, but hey, we have Muramasa, Carnival Phantasm’s new season, and the Tsukihime remake actually has a tentative release date. The cherry on top is that, judging by the statements of Mahou Tsukai no Yoru’s translation group, the MahouTsukai translation will ALSO be done before the Tsukihime remake comes out, and they’re changing to porting a translation to it immediately.

But hey, that’s entirely unrelated to our game of waifu png roulette. Or in this case, husbando png roulette. I failed the slots. Hard. But I can still evaluate things! Why is it raining indoors?

NA Release Date: 01/2022

Look at him. Not only does he bring all the Shirou-voiced manliness we expected from Muramasa, but he has some pretty swanky outfits, 2 animation sets, and he is real, blessing us in the year of 2021. Things are already looking up.

Servant Data


Magic Resistance B

Increase your Debuff Resist by 17.5%.

Territory Creation A

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 10%.

Sword Aesthetic A

Increase Critical Strength for all allies while you are on the field (5%).

Dynasty Misfortune B

Apply Special ATK [King] to self (20%).


So far as base stats go, Muramasa doesn’t look too hot for a Saber of his rarity. His low Mana and Agility eat into how his base HP and Atk play out, on top of having a more defensively-leaned stat focus. This places him at the 3rd worst attack stat and tied 4th best HP of his class and rarity alongside Mordred, but this situation does have a silver lining - if you sort SSR Sabers by attack stat, he’s right next to Arturia. Tell me this wasn’t intentional, and you’re probably right, but it is sweet.

Muramasa does much better on the passive front. While decent Magic Resistance is a given for a Saber, boosting his passive resistance to debuffs, he also comes packing A-rank Territory Creation, giving a notable boost to his primary card type, Arts, as well as two unique skills. Sword Aesthetic gives every ally while he’s on the field, including himself, a small critical damage boost, while Dynasty Misfortune provides him with a sizeable passive trait bonus versus the King trait. Well, Kings and Queens, but you get the idea.

All these passives together make for a significant offensive boost for Muramasa, largely compensating for his failings in his base attack. And should you decide to pit him against the weapon triangle, it won’t sting as bad - King of Heroes, do you have enough weapons in stock?

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how good is Muramasa in practice? On one hand, he is a tempered blade without peer:

This man is a farming machine. Sabers, despite decent recent additions, have still yet lacked a very consistent farmer on both the refund and damage front. Muramasa drops in and just decides to change that. His setups are absurdly flexible, he can spec for maximum damage output and still have consistent farm setups versus most nodes, and due to this capability he’s able to farm pretty much anything he’s neutral against. In that sense, he’s incredibly similar to Space Ishtar - able to run full-damage CE setups to compensate for his otherwise more lacklustre damage output and still loop. He’s still a no-go for Archer nodes, of course, but universal-bar-one is only a little below a universal farmer.

Muramasa is absurdly good for challenge quests, too. All of his looping capability carries over with a vengeance, able to put his consistent skill setup for Arts crits and his Flame buff to good use, making almost-endless looping a possibility so long as 3 enemies are available for him to hit. That’s on top of his scarily powerful critical damage and capability to bypass Evasion / Invincible boss gimmicks, something DW have really liked throwing in lately. Especially unremovable, chance-based Evasion buffs. Muramasa will take his free +100% critical damage and send them to the Yama gladly. He’s pretty much AOE Dioscuri, which is a very good position to be in for challenge quests.

I’m struggling to make more points in his favour, but that’s not because he lacks them. It’s because I just said Muramasa is great in the two most important parts of gameplay in FGO, and nothing really trumps that. Not saying anything as absurd as he’s the best Servant in the game, but when he isn’t facing class disadvantage, he’s going to be a very good option for most content. So take this as a big, wordy underline for the prior two points.

However, Muramasa may have some chinks in his edge:

Muramasa lacks any defensive options period. When you have synergy with the absurd defensive support that is Casturia, this isn’t too bad a drawback, but it still exists. Should Casturia not have her NP ready or be NP sealed on the turn you need to put the walls up, Muramasa is definitely showing the limitations of being Sword incarnate. Literally. Where the hell is your plot device Fey healing device when you need it, huh? Guess he’ll die when he’s killed, if his supports have nothing to say about it.

Not even buying into New Years hype, Muramasa is absurdly good. If you still somehow lack one of the big name consistent farmers to take stress out of your FGO gameplay life, Muramasa counts among them. If you picked up Vritra from the Xmas banner, Muramasa and her pretty much cover every piece of farming in the game. That’s pretty important when, until now, the occasional absurdly-high HP Lancer farming node was a real logistic issue to jump through, and people tended to avoid farming them in events even if it were optimal for drops. Muramasa says no. Muramasa is love. Muramasa is life. If you actually have any quartz remaining, unlike me, roll for Muramasa. He’s good. Enjoy the originator of GAR. Have fun. You wouldn’t be me. What salt?

Oh, the seal thingy? Here. Rath™ Seal of Approval, with a recommendation. Go nuts.


That’s the sole Servant we have for the New Year, as usual. 2021 is shaping up to be a curious year for FGO, as we’ll likely see the final stretch of the Part 2 story, a bunch of highly speculated Servants (that silhouette lineup, minus the obvious Minamoto no Yoshitsune, is driving me nuts), and hopefully some more interesting events on the horizon.

Also Tsukihime remake. I don’t care if it’ll be Japan-only and you can’t read moonrunes. Buy it. More need to be inducted into the cult of Nasu’s non-Fate works.

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