MMM - Mystified Mare Mounts Mythological Mail, Must it be More Mecha, Nasu? (White Day 2020 Gacha)

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How’s it hanging, y’all? While I can’t say I’m disliking the sporadic servant updates from DW at present, the lull period FGO so frequently gets can sometimes be grating. Guda needs QP, but at the same time doesn’t want to farm QP daily over and over. Can Christmas come back again? I need it.

On the flipside, I can’t really say I was expecting Odysseus to drop in a side event like he did. It has me curious for what Olympus is gonna be like moreso than anything else. At any rate, I have writing to do.

Chaldea Boys Pickup 2022
NA Release Date: 02/28/2022

Nasu, can you please just...go on hiatus for a couple years and make SRW fangames like you so clearly want to? I love the creativity throwing mecha into an epic historical fantasy series brings, but at this point I’m almost worried Nasu is working in a genre he’s grown tired of. But hey, the Trojan Horse is now a mecha (though technically it’s Aegis which makes it become a mecha), and that’s frankly pretty badass.

Servant Data


Magic Resistance B

Increase your Debuff Resist by 17.5%.

Riding B+

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 9%.

Protection of the Messenger Deity B

Apply Immunity to Pig Status from a certain Witch.
Increase own Arts Card effectiveness by 10%.


Thankfully, Odysseus lives up to his renown as a hero, and decidedly throws in his lot with Achilles as a greek Rider, instead of the *cough* significantly worse base stats of Europa and Iskandar. Remember Europa? Neither do I. Let’s move on.

With high HP and Atk for his class, Odysseus’s base stats are more or less identical to Achilles’s, albeit with a tiny shuffle from Atk to HP. Still fairly bulky, still packing some solid attack.

His good base stats are further bolstered by a handful of passives. While his Riding rank isn’t too spectacular for the Rider class, it’s a solid boost to his two Quick cards, while also packing some fairly good Magic Resistance to shrug off debuffs when you get lucky.

The real stand-out for his passives line-up is Messenger God’s Protection, giving him a notable 10% Arts boost and uh, also making him immune to Circe’s Piggy status. Guess he’s on call for the inevitable Circe challenge quest this event, then. Needless to say, having such a handy Arts boost for an Arts-focused Rider is great, and it elevates his offense higher.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

So how good is Odysseus? On one hand, our proficient pilot of a shield-come-armor-come-horse is practically a dog’s dinner:

Dude is durable. With his first skill’s taunt effect, his amazing Invincible skill, and even his immunity to two Stun/Charm effects for kicks, Odysseus has a lot of options to keep both himself and his allies alive. Were he a Buster servant and not Arts, he’d have an amazing tool to keep Nightingale on field without her inevitably getting hit by a stray kit and dying. He himself can take on most NP’s in the game without a scratch, get some lasting durability increase off it, and get the skill back up faster than most. Just being a reliable presence can be a godsend in difficult content.

Odysseus frankly has really good NP gain - His NPAA chain with crits on both Arts cards gives 101% refund with just his own kit supporting him, and as I spoke of earlier, his looping potential is good, if a little dependent on costly setups. With both his Rider star weight and 2nd skill to further aid his gauge charging and critting, he really isn’t too dependant on external support to build gauge, which allows a lot of freedom with compositions.

His defensive buff removal is frankly really useful as a niche. Only Amakusa shares the ability to strip defensive buffs (though he goes further) from all enemies before an AOE NP, while Altera and Ivan are the only others to have the same effect on a skill. With such a limited roster of servants competing for the niche (and with Odysseus being the only one of them with both fairly high damage and looping potential), our tricky boy will have good reason to be considered for challenge quest and story content.

However, in other aspects he’s a pig’s breakfast:

Odysseus’s regular card damage isn’t too good. While his dual card booster is handy, he lacks any other direct offensive buffs or crit buffs, and even his NP doesn’t provide a damage boost for his card chains. As such, he doesn’t have the potential for the scary brave chains Achilles, Ivan, or even Iskandar can manage in the right conditions.

I feel I end up saying this a lot, but being an Arts servant can hurt for team compositions in more difficult content. As he lacks any stall-centric tools, he’ll be dependent on his chosen supports to keep themselves alive, and that can be a tall task for servants like Tamamo, Bride, or Paracelsus. [That’s why I just use Lanling everywhere.] Anyhow, it’s an issue.

Odysseus is, to put it plainly, a very well rounded and balanced but good servant. He does nothing overwhelmingly effective, but has few weaknesses, and none that can’t be compensated for by other factors. With his numerous tools at his disposal and a fairly uncontested niche of AOE defensive buff removal, he’s sure to see plenty of use in both farming and difficult content if you build the proper teams around him.

Rath™ Seal of Approval.

Final Conclusion

A short and simple one for you all, and I honestly have no complaints about having less to write. I’ll say it again, but look into the Odyssey if you have the time, it’s a thrilling tale about travelling, staying true to your bros, resisting the temptation of sorcerous THOTs, and learning why making your bedpost out of a tree may let you score in the near future. And probably some other, less interesting lessons.

I’ll catch you all on the flipside in what will likely be LB5 2 - Electric Boogaloo. Later.

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