MMM Miniature - Have you got what's hot to take your shot and close up shop using Habetrot? (Habetrot analysis)

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Well now, it’s been a while since I’ve gone and dedicated one of these to a Servant not even rollable in a gacha...or at least, one that uses Saint Quartz.

Habetrot is obtained by clearing LB6, and upon doing so, you also unlock her in the FP gacha at the same pickup rate as Saber Lily, meaning she is essentially a welfare Servant with no time limit or cost outside of probably 1m FP if you’re super unlucky as well as the time and effort to clear story.

Given all that, it’s only fair I take a little bit of an accelerated take on her kit for the readers’ benefit, no?

Lostbelt 6
NA Release Date: 08/2023

She’s small, she says “Nya” more than the Servant with “Cat” in their name, or any other Servant in general, and she wields a- well, you’ll all see. Gotta say, she has spunk and charisma in spades, even if obtaining her after LB6 ends up feeling a little bittersweet.

Servant Data


Riding C

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 6%.

Item Construction B

Increase your Debuff Chance Rate by 8%.

Fae Eyes C

Increase your Critical Chance Resist by 12%


Now since this is a smaller edition of writing and the fact Habetrot isn’t going to join your Chaldea based on how much Quartz you throw at her, I’ll be going a bit more hard and fast on the analysis.

Habetrot is largely a defensively-oriented Rider for her rarity, but her statline in general is quite below average, so she doesn’t boast either exceptional attack or HP. On the Passives front, she has pretty awful Riding for a Rider at C rank, Item Construction, which literally does nothing for her since she has no debuffs in her kit, and Fae Eyes C, a ‘new’ passive that grants her 12% Critical Resistance at all times.

The passives don’t really do much to aid her base stats, but Fae Eyes is pretty good for durability, as it essentially reduces most enemy’s base critical rates to 0. Let’s move on.

NP Generation
Servant Skills
Noble Phantasm

I’m afraid there won’t be any bullet points for today, since the conclusion should be really clear:

Unless you’ve got a NP3 Da Vinci Lily or something, you really want to raise and use Habetrot.

Even then, Habetrot’s self-killing skill is very valuable for creating farming teams. It allows her to act like an inverse-Melusine, taking the role of an AOE Servant for 1-2 waves then sub out for a ST Servant on a later wave.

Or to use a more apt analogy, imagine if Arash could NP multiple times and just die whenever he wanted, while also actually having supportive/CQ applications outside of just firing his NP. That’s Habetrot. She has immense value as a reliable and high-damage Rider farmer, but the ability to sub out easily can elevate her to enabling far more complex team setups.

So expectedly, Habetrot gets a Rath™ Seal of Approval, with a recommendation and bonus NyanNyanNyanNyanNyan / Nyans. Now imagine if we got useful Servants like her for all the Lostbelt completion rewards instead of...immediately-Second-Archive’d CE’s.

It’s nice to imagine.

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